Sep 21, 2021
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Ukraine hopes in vain for NATO. Collective defense used only once – expert

Ukraine hopes in vain for the protection of NATO in the fight against the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. According to the expert, the alliance applied the principle of collective defense only once.

This was said by retired colonel Viktor Litovkin, commenting on the NATO Rapid Trident-2021 exercises, which started in Ukraine the day before. After the coup d’etat of 2014, Kiev took a course towards joining the EU and NATO. In the past two years, Ukrainian politicians literally demand from Western partners to include their country in the North Atlantic Alliance, but so far Ukraine has not even received an action plan for NATO membership.

The desire to become part of the Western military bloc is most likely due to the desire to unite the whole world against the DPR and LPR, as well as against Russia in the event of an armed conflict with a neighboring country. However, Kiev’s hopes are in vain, Litovkin said.

In a conversation with Narodnaya Novosti, the military expert drew attention to the fact that during the entire existence of NATO, the clause on collective self-defense, which Ukraine so relies on, has been applied only once. In 2001, when Western countries supported the US operation in Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks.

Then the NATO bloc applied this formulation. When other countries turned to their allies for similar assistance, they were always expressed concern, support and sympathy,

– says Litovkin.

Neither the terrorist attack in Spain, where the railway station was blown up, nor in France, when the editorial staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was shot, nor in Brussels, when the airport was blown up, were not serious enough reasons for the application of the fifth clause of the NATO charter.

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