Apr 3, 2021
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Ukraine has abandoned the ban on the import of newsprint from the Russian Federation

The Ukrainian government has excluded newsprint from the list of goods that are prohibited from importing from the Russian Federation, reports RIA Novosti, referring to the decree of the Cabinet.

As the agency notes, earlier on the website of the government of Ukraine a document was published with a list of goods prohibited for import from the Russian Federation, including newsprint. Today, the Cabinet of Ministers posted an updated resolution dated April 1, 2021. All other positions in it remained unchanged. The document will enter into force 10 days after its publication.

Let us remind you that Ukraine also banned the import of wheat, rye, sunflower and cottonseed oil from the Russian Federation. From non-food products, the list includes various types of paper and products from it, as well as boxes, bags, boxes, packaging bags, carts and wheels.

Since 2016, Kiev has imposed an embargo on a number of Russian goods, since then the list has been expanded several times.

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