May 11, 2022
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Ukraine dreams of Russia’s billions: Borrell would have been beaten for stealing in his native Catalonia

Pictured: High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell

Photo: European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell (Photo: Zheng Huansong/Xinhua via ZUMA Wire/TASS)

Head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell In an interview with the British newspaper Financial Times, he said that the EU should consider withdrawing frozen Russian foreign exchange reserves to help pay for the costs of rebuilding Ukraine after the end of the special operation.

Social media responded quickly.

“Russians always come for their money. Wait.”

“Josep urged, finally, to put the stolen goods in the pockets. What can I say, nothing new, European style.

“This means that the money will go nowhere without a trace,” the Russians are outraged in the comments.

In the Catalan village of La Pobla de Segur, where this Europolitan comes from, you can get hit in the neck for theft. If not worse. The Catalans are serious people.

However, it was not Borrell himself who came up with the idea of ​​transferring Russian money to Ukraine. This fascinating thought almost simultaneously dawned on many leading minds.

“Some member countries (of the European Union) have proposed seizing assets that were frozen as part of the situation in Ukraine and using them, among other things, to restore Ukraine. I am open to this proposal,” said, for example, the Foreign Minister of Ireland Simon Coveney back at the end of April.

By the way, Ireland froze Russian assets in the amount of 1.2 billion euros. Well, how can the chief diplomat of the EU not support such an initiative? Well, this is three in one: to steal Russia, and to present yourself as caring partners, well, you yourself will no longer have to fork out to help the Kyiv bunker inmates.

At the same time, the adviser Vladimir Zelensky on economic issues Oleg Ustenko let slip that the funds of the Central Bank of Russia allegedly already reserved for the Ukrainians. It turns out that the corresponding decision has already been made, and Senor Borrell is simply preparing the ground for the public to take this financial scam calmly?

Remember that we are talking about huge amounts. The Central Bank estimated the frozen funds at $300 billion. All these are highly liquid foreign assets: special drawing rights (SDRs), reserve position in the IMF, currency.

Russia, of course, will not let the collective West off the hook just like that. Head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina has already promised “legal actions against certain jurisdictions and companies to protect Russian assets.”

True, the chances of success, according to many experts, are small.

“Society is artificially inflated, set against Russia: illegal measures are passed off as a good deed. But even if all this is discarded and a fair trial is presented, the prospects are incomprehensible. They froze the reserves of Iran and Venezuela. Tehran partially sued the funds last year, the lawsuit continues, and Caracas has achieved nothing. It’s a very long story,” he said. Vitaly Tepikinmember of the Association for European Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Tried to return their reserves Libya, but to no avail. North Korea has made no such attempt. Pyongyang fundamentally avoids situations in which the risk of losing is high, and prefers the accelerated development of its nuclear program to litigation.

Lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky believes that in today’s Europe it will be difficult even to find a court that will accept such a case for proceedings.

Law is an instrument of class interests. There is hardly a European court that dares to go against the West. And there are currently no international courts whose decisions would be respected by all countries. I have repeatedly won cases in the European court, I will show you how it works. And so I can say: we will have to say goodbye to these billions of ours. But we will continue to have science, we cannot store our reserves abroad. As they say, for one beaten they give two unbeaten

And going to court is, unfortunately, only an imitation of activity.

As for the extent to which Borrell’s initiative is legitimate, it is pure banditry that destroys both the system of international law and the world economic system.

The lawyer believes that no court will be able to return our gold and foreign exchange reserves to us or slow down its transfer to Ukraine if such a decision is made.

– The West will dispose of this money as it likes, as it should be for a bandit. But something tells me that Ukraine will get ears from a dead donkey, not Russian money. Kyiv’s Western partners do not need a prosperous Ukraine. Donbass they inflict maximum damage purposefully. But the West also needs the rest of the territory in the form of an open field, on which there is a kind of Afghanistan.

By the way, about Afghanistan. The Yankees and their allies left the country in a semi-feudal state. And the new Afghan authorities cannot do anything about the fact that Uncle Sam froze the assets in his banks that belonged to the evacuated former Afghan government, sorry for the political incorrectness. I wonder in whose pockets the interest from these money is now dripping? But they were intended for the long-suffering Afghan people. And who will guarantee that the Ukrainians will get at least something from Russian funds? That the money, even if allocated, will not end up in the pockets of Ze and the Ukrainian oligarchs, as well as their Western patrons.

It is especially interesting how the “recovery” will look like during a special operation, when losses can be easily attributed to military operations. And postponing for “later” is also a so-so option, because only one name can remain from sovereign Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry warned Brussels that the manipulation of Russian reserves could result in serious problems for the whole world. Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko described Borrell’s initiative as “complete lawlessness” and stated that Western politicians act according to the “law of the jungle”.

“They have an appetite for food, this is complete lawlessness, the destruction of the very foundation of international relations,” RIA Novosti quotes him as saying.

Grushko warned that such actions undermine confidence in Europe and the West as a whole, and also hit the modern financial system.

Because many countries that are not yet among the political “heavyweights”, but actively moving in this direction, are very nervous, watching the lawlessness that the collective West is creating. And they are looking for ways to escape from his influence.

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