Jun 8, 2022
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Ukraine disclosed a plan for the purchase of Israeli “Iron Dome” by Ukraine

Ukraine decided to force Israel to supply Kyiv with the Iron Dome air defense system. Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevhen Korneichuk shamelessly demands that the Israelis “get out of their comfort zone” into reality. “Reality”, of course, should be what Kyiv imagines it to be. And they are sure that literally all countries owe him. Even those who don’t know about it yet.

Why does Kyiv need the Israeli Iron Dome?

It should be noted that Korneichuk, demanding from Israel the supply of the Dome, declares that this is not about charity. Kyiv, allegedly, is ready for negotiations on its purchase. The only question is, how is he going to pay if this is the most expensive air defense system in the world?

And here I would like to recall one fact: a year ago, the press service of the President of Ukraine reported that Zelensky, during his visit to Washington, agreed to supply Ukraine with American air defense systems, including the famous Israeli Iron Dome system.

But why was the agreement on the Israeli air defense system carried out with the Americans?

Military expert Alexei Leonkov explained earlier that the Americans bought the Dome kit for themselves several years ago. First of all, for the purpose of research to strengthen their own air defense-missile defense, which is bursting at the seams with the advent of hypersonic systems in Russia. When the Israeli complex was tested at the Pentagon, they realized that it was not quite what they would like to have – they expected more. The Israeli system is not “tailored” for the tasks that the US military needs to solve in the confrontation with Russian hypersonic missiles.

But what if you have already bought? Naturally, how best to get rid of it. It was then that the idea was born to fuse the Iron Dome to Zelensky. He, of course, was delighted, without even wondering why the Americans are offering the “square” Israeli “Dome” to replace the old Soviet S-300?

Iron Dome is certainly good and has proven to be highly effective in protecting Israeli cities from unguided Katsam missiles, which have a range of 6-12 km and are made by the Palestinians in an artisanal way, mainly from pieces of old water and sewer pipes. But is anyone going to launch uncontrolled “katsams” on the territory of Ukraine? And against the Russian guided high-precision missiles “Iron Dome” as a dead poultice.

Zelensky then did not care about these subtleties. Now – too, if the topic of buying the “Dome” resurfaced. True, this time the Ukrainian ambassador Korneichuk voiced this proposal directly to the Israelis. It should be remembered that there are a number of treaty obligations between Israel and the United States on the export of weapons, which will not allow Israel to supply this system without the consent of the Pentagon.

Well, during negotiations, when the Israelis are not eager to spoil relations with Moscow because of the sale of their “Dome” to Kyiv, and Washington, on the contrary, has long wanted to get rid of its own one, is it really so difficult to agree on benefits for everyone?

For example, Israel remains on the sidelines. Ukraine receives complexes on account of “leasing” from the States, which get rid of weapons they do not need for money, which will be returned to the budget from the amounts already allocated by the US Congress to help Kyiv.

Why not? The moment is convenient – the war will write off everything. All is well, except, of course, for Ukraine itself, whose plans for the next “purchase” of weapons of which are already laughed at by all military experts, including Western ones.

Then the question arises: who can benefit from the Iron Dome deal? Answer: the beneficiary, as always, will be the United States.

“There is only one conclusion,” says Colonel Khatylev, assessing Kyiv’s military prospects from this deal, “in order to solve the tasks of defending Ukraine — and its troops are now on the defensive — it is required to build a layered air defense system.

It should include a system of electronic intelligence, anti-aircraft missile cover, fighter air cover, electronic warfare, communications and control. And everything must be connected to an automated real-time control system in order to create continuous air defense support, including in the maritime theater of operations.

And all these German air defense systems “IRIS-T SLS”, or Israeli “Domes”, that the Americans put them in, are just piece weapons that, having gone into the field, are not capable of fundamentally solving combat missions to ensure air defense and turn the tide in favor of APU.

A systematic approach is needed here. We need money, strength, resources, and most importantly, people who could organize all this. In the meantime, I see behind this possible deal on the “Dome” only someone’s specific monetary interest, which is lobbied by Kyiv. It is unlikely that someone is ready to donate the most expensive air defense system in the world to Ukraine free of charge. So, she will have to pay for this with something very serious. Hardly money. And not with Israel. Most likely from the USA.

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