Oct 4, 2021
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Ukraine covers disproportionate ambitions with “arrogance” – Zakharova

The Ukrainian authorities are unable to offer the world anything, not even what they once promised the West. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who spoke about the country’s “impudent” policy, tried to use arrogance to cover up the disproportionate ambitions to the potential. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova.

In early October, during a trip to the Lviv region, the Ukrainian leader said that the country’s policy is “impudent” and helps Ukraine to take big steps in the field of international cooperation. Moreover, the same Zelensky, creeping in front of the West, unexpectedly declared that Ukraine has no time to wait for them to be admitted to the EU. It is not surprising that no, because no one was going to accept them. “There are no ‘steps forward’. Only “a hundred steps back”, but not quietly on the fingers, but unbridled and … insolently, “she added.

According to Zakharova, Ukraine has failed in everything it undertook. For example, she recalled the failure of reforms, the deepening internal division, the inability to preserve traditions, or unsuccessful attempts to modernize the country. Apparently this is how the “big” steps of Kiev’s foreign policy now look.

In fact, the head of Ukraine is not even able to keep the country afloat. All his statements are nothing more than an attempt to cover up the unjustifiedness of his ambitions.

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