Aug 27, 2022
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Ukraine counting on fools

A fool doesn’t need a knife
You lie to him from three boxes
And do with it what you want!

It is unlikely that anyone will argue with the fact that a fool is much worse than an ignoramus. An ignorant person, conscious of his misfortune, can still try to improve. A fool, no, he is not aware of his own ignorance. He doesn’t want to fix it and he just can’t. Therefore, the fool becomes a victim of all kinds of charlatans.

Allegedly a documentary series (“investigation film”) “Ukraine. The return of its history ”was created by a team of Ukrainian propagandists under the leadership of a certain Akim Galimov, precisely counting on fools. That is, for such viewers who unconditionally believe in any nonsense, they only feed this nonsense.

The content of the multi-part film is simply to the point of primitiveness. It claims that for four hundred years the Russians have been stealing Ukrainian history, falsifying it in every possible way, but the time has come for the Ukrainians to find out the truth and take back what they have stolen.

Well, to whom, except for fools, will you show this?

This propaganda product was created during the presidency of Petro Poroshenko. In one of the episodes, even the then Minister of Culture of Ukraine, Evgen Nishchuk, was involved. And the current Minister of Culture Oleksandr Tkachenko acted as the general producer. Figures, as we see, are significant for Ukraine.

The series was successfully launched first on one of the rating Ukrainian TV channels. Then they posted it on YouTube, where it quickly became the most popular among Ukrainian films on a supposedly historical theme. And after February 24, 2022, we decided to show it again. Now with the maximum coverage of television and radio audiences.

It should be emphasized that from this date (February 24) all all-Ukrainian television and radio channels have been united into one continuous information marathon. They broadcast the same thing everywhere. And anyone who has a TV or radio in the house is doomed to “learn the truth.” In this case – “the truth about our history” from Akim Galimov.

Needless to say, the series is filled with absurdities. To list them all is pointless, it will turn out long and tedious. Therefore, I will focus only on a few. And I’ll start with the tomb of the great Kyiv prince Yaroslav the Wise, located in the St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv. This is one of the first storylines of the series.

The topic, I must say, is really interesting. It is quite suitable for historical investigation. The fact is that there are no remains of the prince himself in the tomb. They were kidnapped during the Nazi occupation of Kyiv. They were taken to Germany. Then they seemed to be transported across the ocean. And where they are now – exactly unknown.

However, this topic did not interest the team of “history researchers”, which Galimov and his accomplices declared themselves to be. You can’t blame Russia here. In addition, traces of the kidnappers lead to the Ukrainian diaspora, and thieves can be found among those who are considered heroes in Ukraine today. It won’t take long to run into a big embarrassment!

Therefore, the “researchers” concentrated their efforts in a different direction. They decided to “definitely establish” who owns the other remains found in the tomb. And they suggest that these are the remains of the wife of Yaroslav the Wise – Ingigerda (in the Orthodox tradition – Irina), the daughter of the Swedish king.

Actually, here the self-styled “detectives” are breaking through the open door. The contents of the tomb have long been explored. Relevant examinations have been carried out. The results of these examinations were made public. It turned out that the tomb contains the remains of two women at once (although both sets of bones are incomplete), and even several children’s bones.

There is nothing to be surprised here. Yaroslav’s tomb has been opened many times over the centuries. For the first time back in 1240, after the capture of Kyiv by the Mongol-Tatars. The robbers were looking for treasure. We dug through everything in the tomb and nearby. And they hardly cared about how to then put the bones in the proper order.

One of the buried, whose remains were found in the sarcophagus, lived before the new era and was probably of Scythian origin. The life spans of another are calculated XIII century. And Ingigerda-Irina lived in XI-m. It’s clearly not her. The question can be closed.

In addition, according to historical data, the Grand Duchess was buried in Novgorod. Before her death, she became a monk under the name Anna. In 1439, the Orthodox Church canonized her among the saints.

However, this is precisely what the “historians of history” are not satisfied with. They really do not want to emphasize the connection between Kyiv and Novgorod, that is, the historical connection between the territories of present-day Ukraine and Russia. Therefore, a “version” is being composed that the Novgorod saint Anna has nothing in common with the Kyiv Ingigerda. Say, for the Moscow princes it was very important to confirm the commonality of their state with Kievan Rus. Especially in 1439, when the Union of Florence was concluded by some church hierarchs, according to which the Orthodox Church became subordinate to the Pope. Moscow rulers opposed such subordination in every possible way. They did not want Russia to be together with all of Europe. And they ordered the Novgorod priests to declare the remains of some nun as the relics of the Kyiv princess. Only the team of Akim Galimov established the “truth”. Thanks to this, this page of history has been returned to Ukraine.

So this “version” is completely unconvincing and empty. If only because in 1439 Novgorod was not yet part of the Muscovite state (which Galimov and other “experts” apparently simply do not know about). Moscow princes at that time could not give orders to Novgorod priests.

Yes, but who will check the statements of the filmmakers? Fools – will not, and the series is not designed for anyone else.

(Ending to follow)

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