Apr 29, 2021
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Ukraine: Chronicles of the Resistance. The confrontation continues unabated

Despite the cleansing of Ukraine from the “Russian world” and a personal promise Zelensky “Cut off oxygen to everyone who destroys independence from the inside”, citizens are protesting.

The forms of protests do not change. The prevailing “social resistance” caused by quarantine restrictions and communal bondage. However, the anti-Bandera struggle did not cool down and even intensified. Attacks on symbols of Ukrainian nationalism and militarism continue.

Another memorial plaque to the ATO veteran in Poltava was broken, in Bohodukhiv the burial place of a pravosek who died in Donbass was damaged. In Zhitomir, on Korolev Square, an unknown person damaged by blows “Heavenly Hundred Memorial”

In Khmelnytsky, a young man was arrested and tried for tearing off the red-black flag of the UPA (banned in the Russian Federation) from the flagpole at the cinema *. Almost at the same time, the flag was torn down and the flagpole was broken in Chigirin near the “monument to the ATO / JFO participants”. In Sumy, the flags at the grave of the commander of the 128th OGShBr were torn Evgeny Korostyleva, and in Poltava, unidentified persons once again tore down the Ukrainian and Bandera flags that “adorned” the Column of Glory in honor of Poltava Victoria.

In March, the monument to the “heroes of the ATO” in front of the Odessa regional administration was attacked three times. They doused him with paint, then poured a cistern of shit on the stone, and a few days later, on April 15, they again doused him with red paint. The General Directorate of the National Police admits that they cannot find the organizers and executors.

Odessa monument in feces

On April 5, in Lisichansk, unidentified persons damaged the monument to the Hero-Volunteers. Press Secretary of the National Police of Luhansk Region Tatiana Pogukay reported that a criminal case was opened under the article “desecration of the grave and other burial place”, but admitted that “it will be very difficult to find the vandals.”


On April 24, in Khotin, the grave of the young Nazi Alexander Koval, who was killed in the Donbass, was destroyed.

A form of resistance such as “telephone mining” is gaining momentum, which not only distracts the attention of the special services, but also introduces some chaos and causes material damage.

In Odessa Mikhail Drobotov reported to the police that he allegedly mined the CMA ship CGM LISA MARIE as revenge for “Aggressive policy of Ukraine towards residents of the South-East”… Drobotov called on Ukrainian police officers for an “armed uprising”: the murder of leaders, officials, SBU officers, and the seizure of city and regional administrations. As a result, the port was paralyzed for several hours.

In Poltava, on the same day, they “mined” the buildings of the regional state administration and the SBU department, where the sapper units were looking for explosives for several hours.

In Kiev, an attack was made on the office of the “Democratic Sokira” gun-loving party.

Part of the consequences of the attack on the office of Demsokira

Attacks on “ATO veterans”, which sometimes end in death, do not stop. On March 28, the body of a famous “veteran” was found in an abandoned ditch near Kiev Alexandra Mandic (callsign Tashkent) with multiple stab wounds.

Murdered Alexander Tashkent Mandich

On March 30, in the Transcarpathian Beregovo, a conflict on ethnic grounds arose between two gypsies and a “veteran”, as a result of which the latter was taken to hospital with fractures of his jaw, arm and a concussion.

In Severodonetsk, a 29-year-old man pulled out a knife and struck a patrolman several times during a document check by a patrol squad of BPSPON “Luhansk-1” fighters.

“ATO veteran” was beaten for boorish behavior in Odessa Evgeny Kuchinsky… The body of the killed “ATO veteran” was recovered from the river in the village of Bobritsa, Kanevsky district, Cherkasy region Anatoly Ganenkomissing in December. Famous volunteer killed in Nikopol Angela Monchinskaya

In Dubno, the car of the deputy of the Rivne regional council was burned Vladimir Tkachuk… In the suburbs of Odessa in the village. Kryzhanovka was blown up and the car burned down Renaultowned by the family of local activists Golodkov. Vitaly Golodok – the organizer of numerous actions and the head of the public organization “Ukraine is us”, and his wife Olesya Golodok is a deputy of the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky city council.

In one of the villages of the Novokakhovskaya territorial community, a grenade was thrown into the house of an activist and a local deputy.

On April 24 in Cherkassy in one of the cafes the people’s deputy of the Servant of the People faction was beaten Oleg Arsenyukwho received a closed craniocerebral injury.

On April 25, a famous Svidomo journalist was beaten in broad daylight in the center of Kiev Romana Vintonive, better known by his pseudonym Michael Schur, leading so-called. Toronto Television.

Conflicts of route bus drivers continue, refusing to “ATO / OOS veterans” in preferential travel. For a couple of months, volunteers in Kremenchug, Kiev, Krivoy Rog, Sumy reported on such facts. On April 9, in Dnipro, the impudent “veteran” was beaten by the driver and passengers of the minibus.

Linguistic conflicts have become more frequent. And in the center of Lutsk, a group of young people beat up a local activist who reprimanded them for listening to the music of Russian performers. UkroSMI sadly admit that, according to the application Apple Music, the youth of Kiev resolutely ignores Ukrainian musicians, preferring Russian and Western ones.

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In the title photo: at the site of the beating of an ATO veteran in Odessa

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