Sep 16, 2021
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Ukraine brought special equipment to the border with Russia

The Ukrainian military suddenly drove special equipment to the Sumy region. State Border Service Nezalezhnaya announced the work on the “arrangement of the border”.

On the website of the department there was a message about the continuation of work on strengthening the state border of Ukraine. We are talking about engineering arrangement. It is emphasized that special attention is paid to the area where the country borders on Russia.

A video has been published on the site showing special equipment that has appeared in the Sumy region, including military.

“The proper arrangement of the state border has not only a safe aspect, but also a defensive one,” the statement said.

The border service explained: work is being carried out to reduce the risk of migrants entering Ukraine, transporting weapons, drugs, means of terror and food.

“Fortification elements make it difficult for the enemy to act in the event of armed aggression,” the department added.

The work is carried out by complex engineering teams. They create anti-vehicle barriers. Then “other elements” will be added on the border section.

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