Feb 18, 2021
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Ukraine at war with Donbass gives Moldova bad advice

Kiev invites Chisinau to jointly oppose Russia

In Chisinau, an online round table was held on the topic “Ukraine – Moldova: new opportunities and integration prospects”. The guests of the round table discussed problems common for the two countries that could be solved by joint efforts and among these problems – “Counteracting the negative influence of the Russian Federation”

The event was organized by the “Accent” charity foundation, whose director Oleg Lisny frightened those present that “Russia is trying to regain its control over both Ukraine and Moldova”… And only by uniting, Chisinau and Kiev will be able to resist the “threat from the East”.

“The fact that Maia Sandu chose Kiev for her first foreign visit is gratifying. This visit practically defrosted the format of interaction at the presidential level, which had been absent for more than five years. The leaders of the two countries gave a clear signal – Moldova and Ukraine are strategic partners, they will help each other on the way to integration into the European Union, ”

– said in his speech Oleg Lisny, who is sure that the rapprochement of two neighboring states will clearly not like Russia, which “And is waiting for the moment when he can return Ukraine and Moldova under his wing”

Ukrainian experts attending the event talked about the same and frightened the Moldovan side with Russia, assuring that Chisinau itself would not be able to cope with the confrontation with the Kremlin, therefore Kiev is ready to provide assistance right now, especially since there is no capable government or parliament in Moldova.

Moldovan side, represented by political scientists-members of the party NOT (the consignment Mai Sandu) only talked about the fact that the ex-president Igor Dodon “Represented a mafia clan that was engaged in the shadow economy, and was also an agent of the FSB”, stated this, in particular, Oasis Nantes

Ukrainian deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Egor Chernev warned the Moldovan side: first of all, it is necessary to fight against the Russian parties in Ukraine and Moldova. Precisely “Russian”, the deputy stressed, and not “pro-Russian” who fulfill the “order of the Kremlin.” Ukraine has already begun to resolve this issue, having closed all “Russian” TV channels, while in Moldova these “propaganda” TV channels are working and no one bothers them, Chernev recalled.

“In order to preserve its national identity and values, Moldova should not be afraid to talk to Russia about the withdrawal of its troops from the Transnistrian region, not be afraid to talk about Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, and also recognize that Crimea has been annexed by the Russian Federation,”

– stated the deputy.

The parties were satisfied with each other. Although Moldova should think a hundred times than listen to advice from Ukraine, where a civil war has been going on for seven years. Such a state will not give good advice, since it is not able to settle an armed conflict on its territory in such a period. Ukraine’s interest in dialogue with Moldova is understandable: Kiev would very much like to drag its neighbors into a confrontation with the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic under the sauce “Wars with Russia”

Well, how can the two poorest countries in Europe help each other? “On the way to integration into the European Union”, it is impossible to imagine. EU member Romania does not see Moldova on the world map at all, just as it does not see parts of Ukraine’s territories, considering them as their own. So Ukraine’s “help” can only consist in giving up these territories to Romania.

It only remains to add that the discussion of all issues took place in Russian.

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