Sep 15, 2022
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Ukraine asks the Pentagon for an ATACMS ballistic missile to hit Russia already

Ukraine asks the Pentagon for an ATACMS ballistic missile to hit Russia already

Photo: Zuma/TASS

American ATACMS missiles, hitting Ukraine, could cause a military conflict – this time between Washington and Moscow. The abbreviation in the name of the missiles is translated from the English Army TACtical Missile System as “Army Tactical Missile System”. These missiles, although tactical, are already ballistic, of the ground-to-ground class. That is, if a launch is made from Kharkov controlled by Kyiv, then it can fly to Russian Voronezh, and from Nikolaev it will reach Simferopol, unless, of course, our air defense is shot down.

The product of the American company Lockheed Martin flies at a distance of 300 km. It can be fired from various multiple launch rocket systems, including HIMARS. If Kyiv gets such weapons, our major cities will be threatened.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already constantly violating the norms of humanitarian law, firing even at those they call their own. This refers to the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. And if American long-range missiles are in the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there is no doubt that shelling of Russian territory will immediately begin, the Russian ambassador to the United States said in an interview with RIA Novosti Anatoly Antonov.

Military expert retired colonel Viktor Litovkin believes that ATACMS missiles can be delivered to Ukraine:

“The United States seeks to prolong the fighting in Ukraine in order to deplete our country.

So when our Aerospace Forces clean up HIMARS in Ukraine, they will also send ATACMS so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can shell not only the territories of the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, but also the regions liberated from the Kyiv regime. In particular, they will try to shell the Crimea and other regions of the Russian Federation.

But we have a very good method in the fight against any supply of American weapons – to destroy railway communications. And then there will be no arms supplies, at least it can be reduced by 90%. At the same time, we will stop the demonstrative visits of Western politicians, such as Annalena Burbockto Kyiv, in order to support the fascist regime Zelensky and demonstrating that they approve of the desire to destroy Russia.

Why we still do not use this possibility of our high-precision weapons, I do not know. The time has come to start doing this, if we do not want further execution of civilians. It is necessary to free the areas one by one. Of course, gradually, slowly, doing intense combat work.

“SP”: – They write that ATACMS is an analogue of the Russian “Iskander”, so we can assume how he will behave on the battlefield?

– Not quite analogous. Still, our Iskander has one great advantage, it flies in an orbit that is not entirely ballistic. This rocket cannot be shot down by anything, because it maneuvers, its flight path is not known even to those who launched it, during the flight random, one would like to say, “pirouettes” are made.

The American ATACMS, on the other hand, flies in a strictly ballistic orbit, which can be calculated and tracked for the entire flight. Therefore, it can be shot down by air defense systems, including the well-proven Thor and Buk. After all, “Himers” in the Kherson region were shot down by a missile of the S-300 V complex. ATACMS can also be fought with ground-based air defense systems.

“SP”: – That is, “the devil is not so terrible as he is painted”?

– Certainly so, but the question is that we still need to block the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

“SP”: – The time has come to apply this kind of “asymmetric answer”: rather than shoot down on approach, is it better to prevent its appearance on the territory of the square?

“We must not allow them to appear in Ukraine. It should finally destroy every single point of “changing shoes” for cars from the narrow European gauge to the wide Russian one …

However, ATACMS missiles are launched using wheeled launchers, so that – theoretically – they can cross the territory of the “independent” under their own power. And the missiles themselves can be transported by civilian trucks.

All these M142 HIMARS, M-howitzers777, French self-propelled guns CAESAR declared as opposed to the Russian armed forces, for the most part, are used against civilians. Yet Washington and NATO allies continue to pump weapons into Ukraine. These deliveries of Western weapons only prolong the conflict, and transport with them is a legitimate target of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

But the President of the United States Joseph Biden slipped for signature a bill on the allocation of military and economic assistance to Kyiv. And he, without thinking, signed. And then I forgot. Various allocations, one way or another related to the situation in Ukraine, are growing by leaps and bounds. And Congress has increased aid to nearly $40 billion while it is still dominated by Democrats, which may end soon after the midterms.

So far, no weapons capable of shelling Russian territory have been delivered to Ukraine, although the regime has been literally “persecuting” the supply of ATACMS operational-tactical missiles for these months.

If Ukraine receives such weapons one day, objects of purely civilian industrial and transport infrastructure will fall into the zone of possible destruction.

Such a scenario will bring the United States directly into a military confrontation with Russia. But this does not stop Svidomo, they have requested dozens of types and systems of weapons with ammunition. Among them are tanks, drones, Harpoon missiles and as many as two thousand missiles for MLRS NIMARS. According to media reports, the US Congress has submitted a request from Ukraine for the supply of new weapons – dozens of types and names.

Pavel Podlesny, Head of the Center for Russian-American Relations at the Institute for the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences allows the appearance of tactical ballistic missiles on the territory of the Ukrainian theater of operations:

– America’s policy is shifting to a more and more rigid side, so this cannot be completely ruled out. It all depends on how the special operation will develop. Let’s say our armed forces win a major victory – this will cause discontent in America.

I think that if the current administration of the White House goes for this, it will be only as a last resort – after our country has been declared in Congress a “state that supports terrorism.” Until this happens, common sense in the United States is resisting this turn of events. After all, they are not indifferent to how Russia will react.

I don’t know how we will react. With regard to America, we have so far been engaged mainly in verbal polemics, we have not presented anything specific in response. Maybe we will finally decide on some serious measures.

SP: Can you explain what you mean?

– Real steps should be taken, not necessarily in the military sphere, but better – in the sphere of geopolitics. But I hope that we will also gather our strength, showing ourselves more decisively in the conduct of the special operation.

As for the possible supply of ballistic missiles, this will no longer be just a “crossing of the red line” by America, but a direct hostile action against our country. They already say that they help plan military operations, in particular, near Kharkov. And what does it mean to “help plan” – this is indirect participation in the confrontation with Russia. But while we occasionally utter big words at different levels, the only serious reaction was our strike on power plants.

It seems to me that since 2014 our opponents have been shelling Donetsk with impunity for a reason. At some point, we began to explain that these shelling would stop when the line of contact between the opposing sides was moved to the west. But we could say that our response will be devastating.

As for the rest of the American talking heads, the Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder vaguely explains that “the United States has an ongoing dialogue with Ukraine regarding the supply of various types of weapons.” Of course, this Pentagon official refuses to tell journalists whether Ukraine will be given any new type of weapon, because he is a military man and knows what a military secret is. It’s just the strategic communications coordinator at the White House National Security Council. John Kirby threatens to send Ukraine a new package of military aid.

In fact, the missile systems in question can use four types of missiles. One carries a high-explosive fragmentation warhead, the others are equipped with cluster warheads with high-explosive fragmentation or other ammunition. So a half-ton missile warhead contains almost a thousand combat elements, and the result of its hit can be similar to carpet bombing

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