Mar 30, 2021
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Ukraine and the Baltic States are on their guard: the United States is preparing behind their backs the “deal of the century” with Putin

Photo: military-political expert Yakov Kedmi

In the photo: military-political expert Yakov Kedmi (Photo: Mikhail Pochuev / TASS)

The US is trying to pit Russia against China, for which Washington is even ready to “surrender” the post-Soviet space to Moscow. This was stated on the YouTube channel Iton-TV military-political expert Yakov Kedmi

According to him, Washington considers its main task to divide and embroil Moscow and Beijing. At the same time, the anti-Chinese propaganda of the Americans boils down to the fact that the PRC is allegedly a threat to the whole world, including Russia, in which US agents zealously broadcast the same theses, stating that sooner or later China will “swallow” the country if the cooperation of the two countries will continue in key areas.

“Nobody will swallow Russia. It is impossible to absorb it. And the Russian Federation has almost no contradictions with the PRC. But the Americans need to embroil these two countries, set one against the other. Therefore, they reason like this: if it is impossible to cope with China, it is necessary to come to an agreement with Russia and promise her anything in exchange for refusing to support China, ”Kedmi is convinced.

At the same time, the expert believes that the United States is even ready to cede the post-Soviet space to Russia, including Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and the Baltic states, which have become allies and partners of America and NATO, and in return the Americans will demand to abandon the alliance with China.

“They believe that the same idiots live in Russia as those who offer it,” Kedmi stressed, adding that Russia will not refuse to cooperate with China, but the United States does not yet understand this.

Note that Kedmi is not the first to make such an assumption. Earlier, the American The Washington Post wrote that the plans of China and Russia to jointly create a scientific lunar station are an ominous sign for the West, indicating the formation of a hostile alliance. To avoid the strengthening of the alliance, the United States must make serious concessions – in particular, it is worth thinking about how to “give up” Ukraine …

According to political scientist Vsevolod Shimov, in the United States there has been a lot of talk and writing lately about the need to “tear” Russia away from the alliance with China.

“However, we can hardly talk about any real concessions, because Russia is also viewed by the West as a“ threat ”, and no one is going to strengthen its position in the post-Soviet space. The West needs a weak and controlled Russia, surrounded by the same pro-Western puppet regimes that will not see Moscow as a center of gravity.

“SP”: – Recently and in AT Washington mail wrote that it is worth thinking about how to “give” Ukraine. Such plans can theoretically be considered?

– It was not for this that the West deliberately tore Ukraine away from Russia in order to “give it away” now. Hostile Ukraine is one of the key factors in “containing” Russia, which Washington will never abandon.

Of course, Washington is interested in a split between Moscow and Beijing. But I don’t think that for this he will offer anything to Moscow. Rather, it will intensify the work to destabilize the internal situation, trying to change the regime. Ideal Russia in the eyes of the West is the Russia of the era Gorbachev and early Yeltsinmaking unilateral concessions without any counter-demands. It is to this format of relations with Moscow that they want to return there.

“SP”: – Kedmi believes that the anti-Chinese propaganda of the Americans boils down to the fact that the PRC is allegedly a threat to the whole world, including the Russian Federation.

– China is interested in Russia as a reliable and friendly home front, as well as a supplier of resources and technologies. For him, joint infrastructure projects with Russia are important within the framework of the One Belt – One Road initiative. There is interest in using the Northern Sea Route for the transit of Chinese goods. But talking about any plans of Chinese expansion in relation to Russia is hardly appropriate.

China is focused on the development, first of all, of Southeast Asia and Africa. Therefore, Beijing is quite happy with the current nature of strategic cooperation with Russia, and for Moscow this is also the best option.

China is interested in purely pragmatic things, unlike the West, it does not pursue a value-oriented policy. The current “strategic alliance” of Russia and China is based on the coincidence of interests; it is hardly appropriate to say that it will grow into a kind of geopolitical bloc.

“SP”: – Judging by the actions of the current American administration, they are not very afraid of the rapprochement between Russia and China, they themselves are pushing towards this, in fact, declaring both countries as their enemies …

– In the United States, Russia is considered an enemy, but a rather weak and secondary enemy. The rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing certainly irritates Washington, but not enough to make any serious concessions to Russia and make interesting proposals to it. I think the US hopes that it will be able to resolve the “Russian issue” regardless of how relations between Russia and China develop.

– The events of 1978-1979 come to mind, when, in order for China to break off relations with the USSR, the United States established diplomatic relations with the PRC, breaking them off with Taiwan, – notes political scientist, head of the expert council of the Strategic Development Fund Igor Shatrov

– That is, if you ask the question: “Is the United States capable of surrendering its allies in order to achieve its goals?” – the answer will be in the affirmative: “Yes, they can!” There is a historical precedent for this. It is another matter that in the current situation a repetition of such a “castling”, in my opinion, is impossible. Yes, perhaps, the States could refuse to support the Baltic states or Georgia with Moldova, even Ukraine, but this would not allow achieving the desired result. At least one can be sure that while the president of Russia is such a geopolitical grandmaster as Vladimir Putin, in the geopolitical link “Russia – China” our country will definitely not be a “weak link” and such cheap provocations will not pass.

“SP”: – The United States considers its main task to divide and embroil Moscow and Beijing. However, one gets the impression that they are doing everything the other way around – to bring Moscow and Beijing closer together.

– Indeed, it seems that the United States is pushing Russia and China towards a friend-friend. This impression is erroneous. By simultaneously imposing restrictions against both countries, Washington is counting on a reaction within them – on the fact that elites will rise up against Putin, that internal Chinese contradictions will aggravate. Not all problems can be solved by import substitution. For example, both Russia and China depend on world financial markets, on the dollar, and on energy prices. The war against Russia and China is going on on all fronts – both on the foreign policy circuit and on the domestic one.

“SP”: – Is there really a danger that in the Moscow-Beijing tandem Moscow will find itself in the position of a “little brother”?

– The danger exists. But the Russian leadership is also aware of this danger. It cannot be said that Russian-Chinese relations are being built exclusively in the interests of China. The latest example is the cessation at the legislative level of the massive uncontrolled export of round timber from Russia to China. A similar transfer of cooperation to a civilized channel is observed in other areas as well. Relationships are built mutually beneficial, and not with a one-way profit.

Yes, China is actively developing Central Asia. The influence of China in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan is growing, and these are not just partners of Russia, but the EAEU member states. But to blame Beijing for economic expansion in relation to our neighbors, in my opinion, is unfair.

After all, China does not prohibit Russia from using its historical advantages in order to re-gain a foothold in the same states of Central Asia. However, we are now losing economic competition to China. And this is an objective factor that influences a lot both in bilateral relations and in relations with third countries. On the other hand, we have resource potential, our military strength, scientific and educational level, and other indicators, which speaks of a relatively equal partnership between the two great countries.

“SP”: – But if we hypothetically imagine that the United States will want to “surrender” Ukraine and the Baltic states. Are these countries themselves ready to surrender? Or Washington will order, and they will salute?

– The change of the “big brother” does not happen by order. For this objective circumstances must develop. Over the years outside the USSR, a kind of reformatting of the genetic code of the peoples inhabiting them took place in the former Soviet republics. It happened at all levels. New traditions, different rules of behavior in society and even in private life, other economic and political models, even cultural symbols, and both. Changes, if they happen, will be from below, and not at the behest of Washington. Therefore, the plan to surrender the post-Soviet space to Russia in exchange for refusing to cooperate with China is impracticable. Anyway, I doubt that it ever existed.

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