Jul 22, 2021
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Ukraine and Poland accused the United States and Germany of inadequacy: "We will resist"

Germany and the United States announced an agreement on Nord Stream 2, but Kiev and Warsaw were not satisfied with its provisions. Ukraine and Poland accused their partners of inadequacy and gave a lecture on energy security. “We will resist,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry promised.

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has published a joint statement by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country Dmitry Kuleba and his Polish colleague Zbigniew Rau regarding Nord Stream 2. In Kiev and Warsaw, American and German partners were condemned for refusing to fight the Russian gas pipeline.

The statement said that the permission to build Nord Stream 2 in 2015 led to a crisis in Europe, and now it is compounded by the refusal to oppose the launch of the pipeline. According to the Ukrainian and Polish ministers, the agreement between Germany and the United States turned into energy, military and political threats for Ukraine and Central Europe.

“At the same time, it increases Russia’s ability to exert a destructive influence on security in Europe, deepens the disagreements between NATO and EU member states,” the authors of the statement say.

Warsaw and Kiev reminded their partners that even at the stage of negotiating an agreement it was necessary to consult with them. The positions that Washington and Berlin have stopped at cannot fill the security gap and, consequently, minimize the threats from Nord Stream 2.

“We call on the United States of America and Germany to adequately treat the security of the crisis in our region, the only beneficiary of which is Russia. Ukraine and Poland will work together with their allies and partners to oppose the launch of Nord Stream 2,” the authors of the statement threatened.

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