Oct 16, 2021
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Ukraine and Georgia: saboteurs are ready to be sent to Crimea

Ukraine and Georgia: saboteurs are ready to be sent to Crimea

Photo: Konstantin Sazonchik / TASS

Former special forces of the Ukrainian and Georgian troops are preparing a sabotage on the Crimean peninsula, a former general of the Georgian army said in an interview with “KP” Tristan Sitelashvili… According to him, saboteurs are trained in special training centers of the North Atlantic Alliance, which are located on the territory of Georgia. For the sake of training the fighters for committing sabotage in Crimea, Turkish experts were attracted. Tsitelashvili also noted that the Georgians who operated on the Maidan in Kiev in 2013-2014 will take part in the provocations on the peninsula.

The retired Georgian military also stressed that the Turkish leader is developing a hybrid war against Crimea and Russia. Tayyip Recep Erdogan… But how plausible does that sound? It is clear that we are not friends with Turkey, and allies are only situational, but why would Erdogan cross the “red line” with predictable consequences?

Can Tsitelashvili be trusted here?

Political scientist Alexander Dudchak thinks that the Georgian general can be trusted:

– Earlier, his information about the events on the “Maidan”, about the Georgian snipers, which he voiced in the media, was confirmed. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian authorities did not take note of it. But they could not, because in the course of the investigation, they would have come out on their own, it would have been a direct accusation against the terrorist authorities established in February 2014 in Ukraine. I do not think that Tristan Tsitelashvili wants to promote himself on this and such information should not be ignored. Moreover, there have already been terrorist acts of sabotage by Ukraine in Crimea. But they were stopped in time, unfortunately, sometimes at the cost of the lives of law enforcement officers.

“SP”: – According to the general, Georgians are involved, who took part in the operations on the “Maidan”. They are preparing to strike the Crimea. Are there many of them? What were the Georgians doing there? Are they ideological volunteers or were they specially sent?

– The fact that the Georgians were present at the “Maidan” and participated in the executions of both protesters and law enforcement officers is not a secret. And units of Georgian mercenaries participated in the war in Donbass on the side of Ukraine. There are no obstacles for Ukraine to attract Georgian militants to its terrorist activities and for operations in Crimea. The motive for the Georgians themselves is primarily material. They are paid for this, and they have got used to the ideas of Russophobia, although they can hardly be called “ideological”.

“SP”: – Even so, what can they do? Is Crimea not sufficiently protected?

– Crimea, I am sure, is protected. But this does not mean that there will be no attempts. And from the Russian power structures, special services, heightened preventive measures are required to prevent any provocations and terrorist attacks.

“SP”: – The Georgian general says that Erdogan is involved in all this. Can this be? He must understand that this is a “red line”.

– Perhaps the general has information to confirm his words. It would be interesting to know the details. Unfortunately, despite the development of economic ties and military-technical cooperation with Russia, Turkey is prone to provocations. A completely unfriendly gesture was her participation in the so-called Crimean platform, her actions in Syria, and much more can be remembered.

“SP”: – Erdogan really makes a lot of curtsies towards the Ukrainian authorities, openly maintains the “Mejlis” * etc. Why does he need it? Ukraine and Crimea for him as an instrument of pressure on Russia or something more?

– Yes, it is also an instrument of pressure, and, of course, Turkey has neither goals nor desire to return Crimea to Ukraine. They hope for some hypothetical situation in which Crimea will go to Turkey. But, the likelihood of this is much lower than the loss of Constantinople by Turkey.

– It would be possible to write off the words of the retired Georgian general for bragging, if not for the fact that until 2014 in Crimea, according to publicly available data on the website of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, for Ukrainian nationalist forces and politicians, ranging from relatively “soft” Yulia Tymoshenko, and ending with not hiding their views Tyagnibok, up to 21% of voters voted, and they voted where there were practically no Crimean Tatars, who are only 15% on the peninsula, – notes historian, publicist, permanent expert of the Izborsk club Alexander Dmitrievsky

– For comparison, in the same Donetsk and Lugansk regions, these same political forces have never gained even three percent of the vote! In 2014, of these very 21% of pro-Ukrainian Crimeans, about five thousand people left the peninsula. All the rest simply did not want to lose the property that had immediately risen in price. At the same time, many managed to change their shoes in flight, at least externally. But a significant part of this category retained their old beliefs, simply ceasing to advertise them. So there is a ground for a “fifth column” in Crimea, as evidenced by the regular detentions of representatives of the Islamist and Probander underground. Therefore, we must not forget the famous words of the Generalissimo Franco and be on the lookout: the enemy, alas, does not sleep.

“SP”: – The Georgian general says that the Turkish authorities are involved in all this. What goals can Ankara pursue in the north of the Black Sea?

– Not so long ago, a map of the territorial claims of supporters of the revival of the Ottoman Empire was published. So, among other things, it includes the territories that once belonged to such a vassal of the Sublime Port as the Crimean Khanate. Recall that back in the middle of the 18th century, Bakhchisarai controlled the interfluve of the Don and the Dnieper in the strip from the sea coast to the rivers Orel and Seversky Donets, and the interfluve of the Dnieper and Danube, together with the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, were the possessions of Istanbul. Therefore, the appetites of the Ottoman revanchists, whom Erdogan so indulges, is understandable.

It is clear that an open conflict with Russia over the territories claimed by the neo-Ottomanists will end in a catastrophic defeat for Turkey, if, of course, the North Atlantic Alliance still allows it to be unleashed. Therefore, the only thing left for Erdogan is hybrid aggression, which can be not only not announced, but not even advertised, but it fits very well into the anti-Russian plans of the collective West. And Ukraine and Georgia in this undeclared war are just consumables.

– Georgia and Ukraine may well organize sabotage attacks in the Russian Crimea, – believes Director of the Freedom Institute, member of the Bureau of the Political Council of the Rodina party Fyodor Biryukov

– It will, of course, not be a full-scale attack, but they can arrange a terrorist act or a series of terror. Moreover, the Armed Forces of Ukraine already have experience in sabotage activities in Crimea. The goal, of course, is not Crimea itself, but Russia. The task is to bring Moscow out of patience, to force it to take drastic steps towards Ukraine, in order to accuse the Russian side of another escalation of “anti-Ukrainian aggression” in the future. Nothing new, the same old rusty rake …

Turkey may well join this adventure, but only behind the scenes. Ankara will not make a direct demarche of this kind, the Turks do not need it yet. Turkey prefers to act through its agents in power structures and in NGOs. And such “soft power” will sometimes be stronger than the official armed forces.

“SP”: – What should Russia do in this situation?

– Track the situation and keep the formation! Nothing out of the ordinary is happening. But Crimea will remain a point of attraction for all anti-Russian projects for a long time to come, from whatever side they appear. Ukraine and Georgia, as well as the Baltics, are the most tried and tested and reliable repeaters of Russophobic trends in the West.

– It is difficult to judge how much the story about the school of saboteurs voiced by General Tsitelashvili is related to reality, – says coordinator of the “Other Russia E. V. Limonova” party ** Andrey Dmitriev

– He told about this in a conversation with Komsomolskaya Pravda in literally a few words, in the course of a general discussion about Turkish expansion in the region, no details are given, and from the outside it does not look very convincing.

On the other hand, we know that expansion really does take place. It is in vain that Recep Erdogan recently declared at the UN: “Our physical boundaries are different from the boundaries in our heart. Is it possible to distinguish Rize from Batumi? ” And Crimea, according to the Turkish version, belongs not so much to Ukraine as to the Tatars, a related people, and then – see the quote about the borders in the heart. That is, the appetites are quite clear.

But how the implementation of these very appetites will look like in practice is difficult to say. Crimea is not Syria or Karabakh, but the territory of Russia itself. A direct military strike is an almost unbelievable scenario. As for various acts of sabotage on the peninsula, they are periodically exposed by the special services of the Russian Federation. The ears of Kiev have been sticking out there for a long time, and the appearance of the ears of Tbilisi and Ankara is hardly surprising …

In that brave new world in which we live in the XXI century, as it is sung in the popular song – “Everyone is dancing with their elbows.” That is, the global and major regional powers do not fight directly, but they completely push and kick each other in third countries: in Africa, in the Middle East, in the Caucasus, in the same Ukraine. Or they arrange various small dirty tricks, such as poisoning and sabotage. And there is no doubt that Turkey, led by a friend Recep, will continue both with regard to Russia.

* Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people. “Supreme Court of the Republic of Crimea 04/26/2016 year recognized the public association “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people” an extremist organization and banned activities in Russia

** Not registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

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