Aug 29, 2021
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Ukraine agreed to postpone transport blockade of Transnistria

Maia Sandu fulfilled her promise to Dmitry Kozak

In Pridnestrovie anxiously awaited the onset of autumn, because from September 1, Kiev promised to ban the entry of vehicles with Pridnestrovian numbers into the territory of Ukraine – cars must have Moldovan or neutral numbers.

This decision was made back in March last year.

“Then Chisinau and Kiev agreed that it was necessary to put things in order with transport, so that only those vehicles that were legally registered in Moldova would cross the border. Chisinau and Kiev approved their administrative acts to make this mechanism work. As for Chisinau, there were no refutations or administrative acts indicating that the situation could change before September 1. But a few days before this date, different scenarios cannot be ruled out, ”

– the former Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration told reporters Alexander Flenka

The problem is that neutral license plates, which do not have any symbols and designations of the country (however, the driver is obliged to stick the “MD” sticker on the rear window of the car), received only 5% of the cars registered in the PMR. This is explained by the fact that Chisinau has introduced too many additional restrictions: a Moldovan driver’s license is also necessary for neutral numbers, which not everyone can get.

In Tiraspol, they hope that Chisinau will not abandon the agreement between the President of Moldova Maya Sandu and the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak

“The President of Moldova assured me that there will be no blockade. And they are doing everything so that it does not come from September 1, when certain restrictions come into force. Proceeding from the fact that Moldovan citizens live in Transnistria ”,

– Dmitry Kozak told reporters following a meeting with Maia Sandu on August 11.

And three days before September 1, the Moldovan media reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova asked Kiev to postpone the ban on the entry of vehicles with Transnistrian numbers into the territory of Ukraine until January 10, 2022.

The PMR Foreign Ministry has already warned: “If this destructive measure is implemented, Transnistria will be forced to respond appropriately using all available means.”

In Ukraine, everything was ready for the blockade – the Odessa customs issued a warning that from September 1, only those cars from Transnistria that have neutral numbers and a “MD” sticker on the glass will be allowed to cross the border.

However, on the evening of Saturday, August 28, a message came – Kiev agreed to postpone the introduction of the transport blockade until January next year.

“According to the official appeal of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Ukraine to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the permission to participate in the international road traffic of cars of the Transnistrian region, without neutral license plates and the” MD “sticker on the glass, is extended until January 10, 2022”,

– said in the message of the customs service of the Odessa region.

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