May 30, 2021
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Ukraine accused Germany of treason. Bashirov hinted: "Ay, Pug!"

Earlier, Ukraine lamented the construction of Nord Stream 2 and called Germany a traitor. Now he is trying to arouse the sympathy of the Germans. The political scientist explained the reason for this behavior.

Ukraine hosted a very honorable reception at a high level of an unofficial German delegation – representatives of the Green Party arrived in Kiev: party co-chairman Robert Habek, Bundestag deputy and party speaker for Eastern European affairs Manuel Sarrazin, as well as European Parliament member Viola von Cramont-Taubadel, known for her obsession with fighting against Russia.

Probably, Ukraine, trying to prevent the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, became disillusioned with Washington’s patronage and began to fight for the sympathy of the future German chancellor, thus trying to win over the Germans to its side.

Ukrainian journalist and TV presenter Dmitry Gordon, a supporter of Zelenskiy, called Germany “traitors” for supporting the construction of the gas pipeline.

Political scientist Marat Bashirov commented on Ukraine’s behavior.

“Ay, Pug! Know she is strong that barks at the Elephant!” – wrote Bashirov in his telegram channel.

He stressed that this is already interference in the internal affairs of another country. This demonstrates the support of the opponents of the current government in Berlin.

“But Ukraine, of course, oh-oh-oh, has the right to do this. And what is Germany for her? She is a financial resource, a country that owes her the coffin of her life – anything you like, but not the leader of the EU. of course “, – wrote Marat Bashirov.

According to him, Kiev is spinning “like in a frying pan,” because it sees cardinal changes in geopolitics and the energy market in Europe.

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