May 10, 2022
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Ukraine: 5-8 thousand soldiers and officers of the “square” on the verge of captivity

In the photo: a serviceman of the 57th separate motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who voluntarily laid down his arms in the Lugansk region, on the territory of the LPR military commandant's office.

In the photo: a serviceman of the 57th separate motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who voluntarily laid down his arms in the Lugansk region, on the territory of the LPR military commandant’s office. (Photo: Alexander Reka/TASS)

According to the Telegram channels of “square”, now in the country one of the most used articles of the Criminal Code for initiating criminal cases is the punitive “111” – high treason. Any citizen of the “nenka” can fall under it if he allows himself to criticize the “Ze-team” or, worse, does something to save the bulk.

According to the observations of truth-tellers, people are accused in batches of carrying out subversive activities against Ukraine and are given a “tag” with confiscation of property. It seems that concentration camps will soon have to be created – places in prisons have already run out.

As for the “zahisniki in nezalezhnosti”, here, too, they begin to tighten the screws. So, according to reports from Ukrainian social networks, the Kyiv regime is thinking what to do with the fighters of the 93rd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, operating near Izyum, who accused their General Staff of issuing orders “which are aimed at destroying personnel.”

On the one hand, disobedience, as you know, is punishable in any army in the world, on the other hand, the servicemen of the 3rd mechanized company of the 1st mechanized battalion of the 93rd separate motorized brigade, in fact, in their statement to the people of the “square” announced a list of evils from outside Zhovto-Blakit Commander-in-Chief. This has already been written a lot, including in RuNet, but it makes sense to repeat the claims of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

  • Lack of adequate command;
  • Lack of heavy equipment;
  • Lack of specialists in anti-tank weapons;
  • Large losses of personnel 3 mech. companies 1 mech. baht. (60% as of April 30th);
  • Loss of combat readiness of the company;
  • Lack of rotation for completing the company;
  • No evacuation of the wounded.

Most likely, the rebels will be dealt with later (if they have not already been dealt with), but not publicly, otherwise it will turn out that the authorities are spreading rot on the soldiers for the truth-womb. To begin with, the local LOMS (public opinion leaders), klaks (groups of people hired to create artificial success or failure) and bots called the video message of the soldiers of the 93rd OMBR “staging homeless people”. Like, these are the dregs of society who want to save their “skin”.

Judging by the fact that this story has already been forgotten a little against the background of other news, Arestovichas the chief media officer of the “Ze-team”, and the LOMS subordinate to him “informatively defeated” their own soldiers.

However, a new problem appeared in the Ukrainian army: it turned out that the commander of the 36th brigade Vladimir Baranyuk alive, which was a real shock for the Kyiv regime. It was believed that he died during an attempted night breakout from Mariupol on 17 April. And in his interview with Russia Today, he actually confirmed the bestial attitude of the “Ze-Team” towards their soldiers.

“Kyiv said to hold on. Hold on. That the deblocking detachments are coming, they will be,” he said. According to him, the last ammunition was distributed on April 7-8. The captured colonel also admitted that now in the “nenko” he is cursed for not saving the lives of the soldiers of his battalion and not allowing them to surrender. “I feel like [из-за этого]let’s put it mildly, it’s bad, ”admitted Baranyuk.

Now the former “hero Nenka” is being drained in full, and moreover, by the unspoken order of the Kyiv regime, which itself gave the order to “go for a breakthrough.” For this, “whistleblowers” from among the convinced Natsiks have already been found.

In particular, the intelligence officer of the Azov regiment * Ilya Samoylenko in announced on the air: “You could run away like a coward, think only about your own life, but not think about your duty, the oath that you took. This is exactly what happened to the commander of the Marines of the 36th brigade. He simply refused to follow the order that was given. And he tried to escape from the city with a small group of working tanks, armored vehicles, ammunition.

The truth, however, is that Azov itself also began, albeit in streamlined phrases, to accuse the Kyiv authorities of leaking the Nazis and even of impending defeat. In Ukrainian chats and forums they write that “the national battalion, blocked in Mariupol, is not really needed by the living Zelensky.”

An unnamed politician who is in the OP told the Ukrainian blogging community that the Napoleonic filmmaker has monopolized power and is eliminating both current and future competitors. That is why the “heroes of Azovstal” are like a bone in his throat to him.

“Our source gave an insider breakdown why Bankova and personally Zelensky the most important factor (in relation to the “Azovites”) is political. They will become a big counterbalance to Zelensky himself. Yes, they will be able to create a strong party, yes, they will even be able to run for president, yes, they will be able to later become the main critics of the “heroic Ze-image” created. Therefore, it is better to bury them, and then erect a monument in Kyiv and wear flowers there, PR every year on this day, as previously hype on the “heavenly hundred,” says, for example, a blogger with the nickname skeptik.

It should be noted that specialists from the NSA (American intelligence agency) are now strictly filtering the ukrnet for the purpose of “zrada”. In Ukraine, no one hides the fact that the Yankees and the Britons are solving all the issues of Zhovto-Blakit national security, since the situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is deteriorating sharply. Now they are looking for “truth-tellers” in Nenka, who write to the fullest about the Severodonetsk cauldron, which will be liquidated somewhere before the end of May.

According to some estimates, from 5-8 thousand fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will fall into Russian captivity, who will unequivocally accuse the Kyiv regime of teams “aimed at destroying personnel.” The General Staff of Ukraine is trying to build up a military group in the Donbass, but for a number of reasons it cannot do it.

The personnel military is almost over. So, Ukrainian political scientist Yuri Romanenko said that the 101st Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was sent to the front unprepared, and its fighters have to supply themselves. “Two days after receiving the summons and already in the Donbass,” he said. And in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, employees of the military registration and enlistment office hand over subpoenas to motorists right in the queues at the gas station. If you don’t have 500 bucks with you to pay off, then after 48 hours you can find yourself under Russian fire.

Yury Romanenko writes: “The government cynically lies about the fact that only those who know how and want to fight are subject to conscription.”

According to the latest information, the SBU and the GUR, on Zelensky’s personal order, held rather tough conversations with all commanders without exception and warned that they would not tolerate new “baranyuks”. Any action aimed at saving their own soldiers in boilers, even in the most critical situations, will be regarded as treason with all the consequences. Sooner or later we will find and punish.

It will also be bad for those Ukrainian soldiers who dare to criticize the top military leadership. “Record a video – we’ll immediately“ shit ”you and all your surroundings,” the yellow-Blakit Gestapo threatens. As history shows, such bitterness of the authorities towards their own people, when everyone is thrown into the slaughterhouse, is usually observed on the eve of the agony of regimes.

* Images of chevrons of the battalion (regiment) “Azov” recognized in Russia as an extremist court decision from 30.11.2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials (p. 3269).

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