Jan 10, 2021
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UK raised $ 1 billion for vaccinations in developing countries

The Permanent Mission of Great Britain to the UN said that London was able to attract $ 1 billion in funding to carry out vaccinations against coronavirus in developing countries, TASS reports.

“The UK has so far raised $ 1 billion from international donors to help the most vulnerable countries gain access to coronavirus vaccines and stop the spread of the pandemic,” the report said.

It is noted that the amount includes $ 548 million of the country’s own contribution and will provide 1 billion doses of vaccine for 92 developing countries this year.

Earlier it was reported that the Queen of Great Britain, 94-year-old Elizabeth II and her husband, 99-year-old Duke Philip of Edinburgh underwent the first stage of vaccination against coronavirus.

The procedure was carried out at Windsor Castle, where the British monarch and his spouse left almost at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the personal physician of the royal family. What kind of vaccine the spouses received is not specified.

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