May 16, 2020
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UK government sends dogs to fight against coronavirus

The UK government has approved a program to prepare dogs for COVID infections - 19. It is expected that 19 tetrapods will be able to sniff up to 250 people per hour and identify infected until the first symptoms. This was reported at the Medical Detection Dogs Center, where dogs are trained to search for foci of bacterial infections.

- The government has announced that it will support the first phase of our suggestions for detecting COVID - . It is incredibly exciting to demonstrate that dogs can help fight the virus. They have the potential to help by quickly checking people, which will be vital as the country leaves quarantine. We hope this will help prevent the second peak of the incidence rate and will allow us to use the precious resources of the National Health System where it is most needed. A dog’s nose can save many lives, the report said.

Six dogs that are already detecting cancer, malaria and Parkinson's disease will undergo intensive preparation for the detection of Covid - 19. The tests will determine if a mixture of labradors and cocker spaniels is able to detect coronavirus in humans by smell samples. Dogs and the University of Durham. Dogs will sniff samples that will be received from patients with coronavirus, as well as healthy people. Many respiratory illnesses are known to change body odor.

Professor James Logan, director of the disease control department at the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, recalled how quickly dogs learned to find malaria.

- This, combined with the realization that respiratory diseases can change body odor, gives hope that dogs can also detect COVID - 19. If successful, this approach could fundamentally change the way the virus is detected, which could lead to more people being tested, ”Logan said.

British Parliamentary Under Secretary for Innovation Lord Betell believes that preparation will succeed.

- Dogs with biodetection skills already detect certain types of cancer, and we believe that this innovation can give quick results as part of our broader testing strategy. Accuracy is very important, so this study will show us whether dogs can reliably detect COVID and stop its spread, Bethel said.

However, coronavirus is dangerous for dogs: in March, they confirmed in Hong Kong that humans infected the pet.


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