Feb 16, 2021
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UFO over a hotel in Montreal, 1990

What are the unidentified objects that appear in hundreds every year in different places of the planet, next to the Moon, the Sun?

The ISS cameras have also repeatedly caught the moment when objects whose nature is not clear are flying near the Earth at great speed. Official science is not ready to recognize the existence of intelligent civilizations in the Universe, but every year there are more and more witnesses of the appearance of UFOs.

UFOs appear most frequently in Montreal, Canada. Ufologists have been monitoring the activity of such facilities in the city for a long time. In 1990, another unusual case occurred when a mysterious object appeared in the sky, the body of which shimmered in different colors.

A UFO appeared near the Hilton Hotel. Both hotel guests and the police patrolling in the area witnessed the appearance of UFOs, so there is no talk of video editing – it is genuine.

Eyewitnesses said that they had the impression that the object was made of metal, as numerous reflections emanated from its surface. The shape of the object resembled a flattened sphere, and the upper part of the UFO remained hidden from the eyes of eyewitnesses.

Some time after the appearance of the UFO, agent Francois Lippe arrives at the scene. By that time, the unidentified object hung in the sky for about an hour, and the agent could only state the fact of the appearance of something mysterious. In his report, Agent Lippe wrote the following:

“I arrived at the scene at 20:11. Met the receptionist who took me to the outdoor pool and showed me a bright UFO above the hotel. I saw three round, yellowish light sources with three beams. The object could be designated as a round shape. This bright UFO was motionless and motionless. “

During the investigation of the incident, the authorities sent a request to the local airport service about the possibility of identifying the UFO, but they only threw up their hands, however, they said that several people asked them about the nature of this object, since it was visible in different parts of the city.

Inquiries to the meteorological service about the origin of the UFO did not yield any results, as did an appeal to the Canadian gendarmerie, tk. the area around the hotel falls under the jurisdiction of the organization. The absence of a magnetic storm, combined with a large cloud flow, means that the observed UFO cannot be the northern lights.

Until now, it has not been possible to find out the origin of UFOs in 1990. 30 years have passed, and ufologists are trying to find evidence that this object could belong to representatives of another intelligent civilization located in the Universe, but the search for truth continues …

The nature of many UFOs still remains unknown, forcing to fantasize about highly developed civilizations of the Universe. So maybe we are really not the only civilization living on one of hundreds of billions of planets?

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