Oct 12, 2020
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UFO caught on video, flying past Doncaster Airport, August 2020

Thanks to the advent of cameras in mobile phones, it became possible to shoot unusual phenomena, instantly publishing them on the Internet. The UFO phenomenon is of interest not only to ufologists, but also to millions of people around the world. Where do these objects come from, what is their nature, if these are alien civilizations, then for what purpose do they visit Earth?

Most ufologists are inclined to believe that extraterrestrial civilizations have been visiting our planet since ancient times. They allegedly gave people unique technologies and knowledge, without which our civilization would have remained at the antediluvian level of development. There are not so many facts in favor of this theory, but it sounds extremely interesting.

The nature of UFOs is of interest not only to fans of the supernatural, but also to scientists who are also trying to understand the nature of these objects. It is clear that some pictures and videos are ordinary fakes, but some can still prove the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

In August 2020, another incident occurred at Doncaster Airport in the United Kingdom, and an unidentified flying object appeared. It is good that eyewitnesses managed to capture the moment of the appearance of a UFO near a passenger plane, so that ufologists had the opportunity to study this object.

The author of the video is a Briton who was at the airport with his son. He assures that he quite accidentally managed to capture the moment the flying saucer appeared at the moment when he was filming a passenger plane in the sky.

The unidentified object in this video was flying at a speed that exceeded the speed of the aircraft. Airport employees noted that on their radars it was not possible to detect other objects that would be within the radius of the radar, so questions about the origin of this UFO remain open.

Some skeptics are sure that no extraterrestrial civilizations exist, and such objects are secret developments of the military, about which it is forbidden to divulge information, so it is beneficial for the military that their technologies are considered extraterrestrial.
It's impossible to say something with 100% certainty, but these videos look really interesting!

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