Oct 18, 2020
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“UFO air combat” recorded in the sky over Japan

Almost none of the living people will be surprised by the news of the appearance of UFOs in different parts of the planet. These objects can be either secret military developments or unknown technologies that people do not have at their disposal, at the moment, at least.

The nature of UFOs can be different, as well as versions of the origin of such objects. Some are convinced that NLo can come from the future, while others. that of the parallel worlds. UFO bases can be located in the depths of the planet, or maybe under water. One can argue endlessly about such objects, but they are mentioned in different sources thousands of years ago.

Some of the UFO records are fake. Even the most ardent supporters of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations do not deny this. In the modern world, it will not be difficult to forge such records, but if the phenomenon of the appearance of a UFO in a particular place has a lot of witnesses, then it is a completely different matter. This is worth studying more thoroughly to find answers to many questions about the nature of unidentified flying objects.

A few days ago, another recording appeared on the Internet, on which something unimaginable is happening. On the one hand, it may resemble the plot of a Hollywood movie about an alien invasion, but most skeptics are sure. that the plot shown in the video is a normal fighter battle, it is possible that some exercises were carried out in Japan, but the information is classified.

A group of UFOs and a pursuing object appeared near the Sakurajima volcano in the city of Kagoshima. The Japanese government did not comment on the incident, but many people were impressed with how the chase of unknown objects in the sky takes place.

Ufologists note that this recording is one of the most interesting in recent years. Although there are many skeptics who are confident in the terrestrial origin of these objects, the record requires study. It is difficult to argue that this video contains objects of extraterrestrial origin, but the frames look quite interesting.

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