Apr 6, 2021
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U.S. Air Force dismantled aircraft used for observation flights over Russia

The US Air Force no longer needs the OC-135B aircraft intended for observation flights over Russia, they will be disassembled for parts and cut into scrap metal.

On Monday, The Wall Street Journal reported that the US Air Force was dismantling aircraft for parts that, under the terms of the International Open Skies Treaty, were flying over Russian territory. The publication noted that this decision raises questions about the plans of the US President to return to the Don. The administration headed by the former president, Donald Trump, decided to withdraw from the agreement.

The US Air Force said that they no longer need OC-135 aircraft, and they will soon be sent to a military equipment dump in Arizona, since the maintenance of this aircraft is too expensive for the Americans.

The White House National Security Council noted that the decision to return the United States to the Open Skies Treaty will be made at the right time and is not related to planned actions regarding obsolete technology.

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