Jun 20, 2022
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Tyra exchange: Kremlin’s fifth column and agents of influence strike at the entire special operation

In the photo: Yulia Paevskaya (call sign Taira)

In the photo: Yulia Paevskaya (call sign Taira) (Photo: AP/TASS)

According to some media reports, a secret exchange of one of the most odious figures of Azov captured in Mariupol (banned in Russia), a sniper with the call sign Taira, took place the other day for one of ours. For those who are not in the know: Tyra is a murderer and sadist, a symbol of transcendent Nazi ghoulism.

I think that this has dealt a truly ramming blow both to the moral and psychological state of our allied forces and to the entire multi-million army of Russian patriots in the rear. Millions of Russians are outraged. All Nazi Ukraine rejoices.

“This is worse than a crime – this is a mistake,” the French Foreign Minister once said. Talleyrand. I think that the exchange of Tyra is both a crime and a mistake rolled into one.

Let’s go through all the points of this grandiose self-defeat, as the political scientist called this act Sergey Markov.

“Grooms of Death”. Ukrainian version

Julia Paevskaya (call sign Tayra) is a living symbol of the Nazi Azov Regiment.

“Azov” is a kind of modern version of the SS divisions. And in its extreme form. All the scum of the already unhealthy and Nazi-stricken Ukrainian society gathered here. A bunch of pissed-off armed sadists with Russian blood on their hands up to their elbows.

There were only thirty-eight such divisions during the Great Patriotic War – out of six hundred, crushed by the Red Army on the Eastern Front.

Nineteen of these thirty-eight divisions were directly German. The rest are international, in which all the nonhumans of the world have gathered – from the French to the Albanians. The last to die were the soldiers of the French SS division “Charlemagne”, who defended the Reichstag.

As you know, the SS men were not taken prisoner. Of the thirty-eight Sonderkommandos, not a single person was taken prisoner. In any case, official statistics did not record any. Yes, they themselves did not surrender. The SS men called themselves “suitors of death.” And they died easily in battle.

“Azov” surrendered. “Grooms” did not work out of them. If in cruelty and sadism they were in no way inferior to those soldiers of the Sonderkommandos of the Eastern Front, then in hardness and strength of spirit they turned out to be clearly thinner. They lifted their arms up when they were pinched. They even agree to a life sentence. Yesterday’s sadists today were ready to live in captivity and on their knees. Yeah…

Taira, in the camp of the Ukrainian Nazis, occupied a special place. She was a symbol of ghoul in a female form. Even while fleeing, she showed her bestial nature. Having run into a car with peaceful refugees, where there was a family with two children, she shot her parents point-blank. Then she ordered the children to tell them at the checkpoints that she was their mother. Otherwise, she will immediately shoot them herself. But at the very first checkpoint they came across experienced age-old militias who themselves had small children. They were tense with fear in children’s eyes. The eldest, who already had grandchildren, took the children in his arms and walked away with them. For half an hour the grandfather talked to them. And I found out the truth.

Tyra was immediately swaddled and handed over to the hands of local Chekists.

It would be better if they shot her right away. But they had such a desire …

Consequences and results

What are the psychological, military and political implications of this exchange? A lot of them. And one is worse than the other.

First. A serious blow was dealt to the morale and motivation of the allied forces. There is some blurring of the purpose of the operation. And this objectively postpones our victory for an indefinite period.

Why then all? – a fighter from Penza, who is fighting in the Donbass, is set as a goal. Why do we fight and die?

Why all these sacrifices? For you to release the killers we’ve been hunting for so long? Today you released Taira from captivity, and who will you release tomorrow? Maybe British mercenaries sentenced to death? Stalin get out his son refused to field marshal Paulus to change, and you exchanged this sadist. And by the way, who did you wave this demon of death at? Not on Medvedchuk whether? And who specifically gave this order? Name, surname, patronymic, position? Will this person be held accountable for what he did? And did you know about it Insert?

Or maybe there was no exchange, and Zelensky skillfully bluffing to undermine the spirit of Russian society?

Then show us a living Tyra, sitting in a Donetsk prison. Show us this living symbol of the murder of Russians, languishing on the bunk.

Some experts argue that in fact, nothing terrible happened. Exchanged at one time for someone the killer of Russian journalists Hope Savchenkolegendary Nadia. And nothing, the world has not turned upside down. No, you’re kidding, brother. The situation was fundamentally different. Large-scale special operations were not carried out in Ukraine at that time. There was no such mutual bitterness. The Russian army did not take part in the operation. There was also no Alley of Angels – a section of the Donetsk cemetery allotted to children who died from shelling. And children in Russian kindergartens did not write letters to “a Russian soldier fighting in Ukraine.” The world was different. But after February 24, it changed irreversibly. How has changed after June 22, 1941.

But some in the Kremlin and its environs remained the same. And he betrayed the sadist and murderer of Russians to the Nazi regime …

Tyra and Tonka

During the war, the war criminal Tonka the machine-gunner (in the world Antonina Makarova). The classic prototype of Tyra. She shot more than one and a half thousand partisans and civilians. Killed mostly with a machine gun. She was searched for almost half a century. But then they found him and shot him.

Can you imagine that Tonka the machine-gunner would be exchanged for someone there? Me not. But Tyra was waved without looking?

We have resentment. They have jubilation

In Russia, they don’t even imagine what kind of jubilation and rage reign now in official Kyiv. Zelensky and the company went into a cocaine frenzy and merged with Tyra in the stormy ecstasy of the celebration of life.

She will now be carried in her arms all over Kyiv, showered with flowers, praises, hosannas and compliments. Soon, probably, in Kyiv they will name a street in her honor.

At the same time, the Ukrainian army will also spread its wings. Inspired ukrovoyaks will start fighting with even greater frenzy. This means that hundreds more of our boys will die because of this betrayal.

Seeing the rescued Taira, new young animals will come to the new “azov”, which will kill hundreds more of our people.

Or maybe this is exactly what you wanted, gentlemen Great Money Changers?

“On days like these, whether you like it or not, you feel like a second-rate power with your face down in the dirt,” political analyst Sergei Markov wrote on his TV channel.

You better not say.

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