Nov 6, 2021
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Types of women’s down jackets

Types of women's down jackets

What are down jackets, what you need to pay attention to. Recommendations for choosing a beautiful and stylish women’s down jacket.

Winter is approaching, and there is a need to buy a new warm down jacket. There are so many models in the stores that your eyes dazzle. Let’s try to figure out what down jackets are, how they differ.

A down jacket is the most practical and comfortable option for outerwear. It is versatile, combined with dresses and skirts, jeans, tracksuits. In down jackets, you can walk in the park with children, go to work or ski.

To choose a model that would suit the customer in all respects, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the types of down jackets, what classification exists.


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First of all, we always check on the label what kind of filler is in the jacket. It can be natural or synthetic. The first option is preferable, it is warmer, lighter, but the disadvantage is that it does not withstand washing well, it deteriorates after repeated hygiene procedures.

Synthetic can be heavier, but after washing it returns to its shape and characteristics, does not crumple. There are models where the filler is mixed. It is a little cheaper than natural, but heats well.

If we talk about what types of down jackets are in terms of material, you need to pay attention to the upper fabric. Most often, Bologna fabric is used, a membrane (dense material with a special impregnation). The second option is especially in demand among sports varieties of down jackets, since the membrane is not blown through, does not get wet, perfectly retains heat, and is easy to clean (dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth).

Also, the manufacturer can accompany the down jacket with fur on the hood or individual elements with a decorative function. In addition to fur trimmings, inserts from natural or eco-leather, elements from knitted, knitted fabric can be found on sale. You can get acquainted with the variety of models in the section “Women’s down jackets” on the website of the online store

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Fashion trends

The types of winter down jackets differ in the length of the product, appearance (color, design), compliance with fashion trends, focus (for everyday wear, for sports, for going out).

Women who love tight clothing will appreciate the elegant, fitted down jackets. They do not hinder movement, you can wear warm and voluminous clothes under the jacket, while it will be comfortable. Visually, the down jacket emphasizes the dignity of a slender figure. Some varieties are supplemented with a belt.

Today, flared, elongated or oversized jackets are in vogue. They are warm, cozy, comfortable, suitable for any image, it is easy to choose shoes for them. They are not very puffy, often quilted, so the woman in them does not look bigger than she is.

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In the new season, classic down jackets are popular without extravagant decorative details, for example, asymmetric hem, feather trim, a combination of “incompatible” materials. If we talk about colors, then bright shades are no longer in demand. Neutral white and black, red, green, beige, brown, blue are in fashion.

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