Apr 27, 2022
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Types of coating for interior doors

Types of coating for interior doorsinterior doors

Interior doors are in every apartment and private house. To make this design look attractive, special coatings are used. This is the finishing decorative element of the door leaf. It protects the door from moisture and mechanical damage, and also makes the canvas beautiful.

You can choose a model with artificial film, laminate, vinyl or PVC. Each type is made using a special technology. Eco-veneer looks beautiful, it is often used for finishing interior door systems.

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What types of coatings are most often used on interior doors

Common types of door coverings for an apartment or a private house:

  • laminate. Represents a film from rather dense paper with a protective decorative layer. The basis is taken thick paper, which is impregnated with melamine resins. To make a wood drawing, paints are used. Production is relatively cheap, so the cost of doors with this finish is not very high.
  • PVC. Polyvinyl chloride film is obtained by mixing plastics, polymers and paints. The mixture is melted until it turns into a jelly-like form. PVC is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, does not fade, and also withstands temperature fluctuations.
  • Ecoveneer – is a film of polyvinyl chloride and wood fibers. The coating is structural, glossy or matte. Structural material exactly creates an imitation of the structure of a tree. Ecoveneer is resistant to moisture, ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, temperatures.
  • Vinyl – multilayer PVC film. The basis of vinyl is a mixture of plastic and polymer additives. The finished layer is smooth, matte, with a fairly fine structure. The film is well tolerated by moisture, ultraviolet rays, chemicals.
  • natural coatings. Thin wooden sheets are applied to the doors. The structure depends on the type of wood. Manufacturers often use peeled, sliced ​​veneer. For the production of peeled veneer, softwoods are used. Each thin layer of wood is painted and then varnished. Hard woods are suitable for making sliced ​​veneer. The advantages of such coatings are environmental friendliness, luxurious appearance, resistance to moisture.

Where to buy interior doors “Oka” in Moscow

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