Apr 20, 2021
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Types and features of gel varnishes

Types and features of gel varnishes

There are a huge number of colored coatings that allow you to make the most complex and extraordinary manicure.

One of the most common materials used in modern manicure is gel polish. In structure, it is something in between a regular coating and a gel, which is used to build and strengthen the nail plate. The average duration of wearing such a coating is 14-28 days, depending on the quality of the gel polish and the rate of regrowth of the nail and cuticle. Victoria Avdeeva’s online store offers an assortment of materials for manicure. But first, it’s worth learning more about them.

What systems exist

There are the following categories of systems, depending on the application technique:

  • In one phase – only one bottle is required for a manicure, the coating in which combines three products at once – a base, a colored coating, a protective top;
  • In two phases – two bottles are required for a manicure – the first combines the base coat and the main color, the second contains the top top;
  • In three phases – each product is individually packaged.

Types of colored coatings

There are a huge number of colored coatings that allow you to make the most complex and extraordinary manicure. There are the following types of basic coatings:

  • Coating in one color;
  • Camouflages are the most natural colors used to give the manicure the most natural look. Most often used when creating a French manicure;
  • Shimmery – colored coatings with glitters. Sequins can be both very small and very large;
  • With the effect of a cat’s eye – the coating contains the smallest metal particles that line up in a certain shape after holding a magnet over the coating;
  • Watercolor is a gel polish with a specific structure that allows you to perform smooth transitions and gradients, the use of such coatings is possible only on a special basis;
  • Stained glass – gel varnishes of a very liquid texture, which allow you to create original patterns “broken glass”;
  • Thermal – such a coating is capable of changing its color or shade depending on the ambient temperature;
  • Chameleon – the coating consists of fine particles of different shades, which create the effect of a shade change at different viewing angles;
  • Luminous – a coating that glows in neon light or under ultraviolet rays.
Types and features of gel varnishes

Storage features

In order for the coating not to lose its properties and it can be used until the very end of the bottle, several storage features must be taken into account:

  • Gel polish changes its texture when exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, it is necessary to store it in a dark place or buy products in dark opaque bottles;
  • If the product is found near batteries or heaters, it may disintegrate into fractions;
  • Unlike conventional coating, gel polish cannot be shaken – this leads to the formation of air bubbles, which are then almost impossible to drive out.

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