Aug 18, 2022
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Two years later, the tattoo, made on vacation, has lost its elegance

tattoo has lost its beautyA lot of people go on vacation to tattoo parlors, because getting a tattoo on vacation is a great way to remember the trip for a long time.

tattoo has lost its beauty

Two years ago, Nancy Gill traveled to Thailand and returned with a dainty tattoo of an airplane flying around the infinity symbol. But time passed, and the drawing changed and “floated”. The lines have become too thick, and the unfortunate plane now looks like a Christmas angel, a penguin, or, as some wits have said, a drunken fly.

tattoo has lost its beauty

Fortunately, Nancy reacted to such a misfortune with humor, saying that the flying penguin suits her too. At least he’s funny.

The girl demands from her lover to remove the tattoo with the name of his son


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