May 1, 2022
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Two-week lenses: better vision and eye protection

Two-week lenses: better vision and eye protectionTwo-week lenses: better vision and eye protection

Modern lenses are becoming both more affordable and of better quality. These products have become very familiar, because they are easy to use and extremely useful. Lenses are used both for vision correction, which can already significantly improve the quality of life, and for various diseases. Manufacturers are well aware of how important the quality of lenses is for customers, so they are getting better. For example, two-week eye lenses turned out to be a popular category in the store, there is a large selection and new quality records. This tool has become indispensable for a variety of pathologies – they help with astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia and other ailments that cause significant discomfort.

Benefits and Choices

Like other types of lenses, two-week optics has its own characteristics:

  • there are certain quality standards that manufacturers adhere to. For example, better soft materials are used today that can pass more oxygen;
  • the problem of putting on and taking off lenses is solved – now the material does not slip on the fingers and the procedure will not be a problem;
  • a short shelf life has become an ideal solution in order to give guarantees of safety. Both protein deposits and other contaminants simply do not have time to accumulate on the lenses;
  • Another benefit is savings. Using bi-weekly lenses for eyes is much more profitable than buying daily replacement optics;
  • a large catalog will allow you to choose the perfect lenses. There are many lenses to choose from from different manufacturers, different materials, daily or extended wear, different oxygen permeability and other characteristics.

Features of care

It is important to remember that maintenance-free lenses have not yet been invented, so this is a mandatory part of wearing them. Even the best two-week eye lenses will lose their effectiveness if you do not carry out a series of procedures:

  • lenses require rinsing, cleaning and disinfection. From the optics, it is necessary to remove protein deposits and other elements that could lead to infectious diseases;
  • using a special solution, you can not only wash the optics that are subject to drying, but also remove accumulated bacteria;
  • clean containers and regular disinfection ensure that germs do not cause infections and that lenses remain an extremely useful tool that makes life better.
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