Apr 19, 2021
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Two Russian James Bond put the entire Western world on its ears

Photo: Russian citizens Ruslan Bashirov and Alexander Petrov (from left to right), suspected of poisoning former GRU colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia with the Novichok nerve agent, at the Salisbury railway station on March 3, 2018

In the photo: Russian citizens Ruslan Bashirov and Alexander Petrov (from left to right), suspected of poisoning former GRU colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia with the Novichok nerve agent, at the Salisbury railway station on March 3, 2018 (Photo: Metroplitan Police / Global Look Press)

I don’t know how anyone, but I’m delighted: Russia, it turns out, has superagents, in comparison with which the notorious James Bond Ian Fleming Is a boy in pink short pants with a truck and a shovel from the NATO sandbox. Hearing about our 007 (or what is their code designation and conspiratorial pseudonym?), The CIA and Mi-5 sigh sadly. And even the highly respected in the world of special services, the Israeli service of the Mossad gets up in the fringe, paying tribute to colleagues in the shop of the knights of the cloak and, excuse the old-fashionedness, the dagger.

Well, you all, of course, know who we are talking about. These are the same Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov (although according to the statement of the British counterintelligence and all sorts of Polish defenders and Romanian Cigurans who joined it, their real names are different – respectively Alexander Mishkin and Anatoly Chepiga, and they serve as colonels in the special forces of the GRU of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, military unit 29155). What are these Russian James Bonds arrogant and somewhere even careless, if they are so weakly conspiratorial, not really hiding their real names and place, military ranks and military unit where they secretly serve! Probably, they catch the enemy with live bait.

For the first time, as you remember, these pseudonyms appeared in 2018, when in the British town of Salisbury he was either poisoned, or not completely poisoned, or at all he was not poisoned with a completely mythical poison, a “newcomer” former Soviet spy-traitor Sergey violinist (his daughter accidentally fell under the distribution Yulia and a couple of some local homeless people).

And that, it even looked authentic: two Russian super agents arrived in Salisbury ostensibly to inspect the local cathedral and either sprinkled or smeared this terrible poison – either on the door handle, or on a bench, or somewhere else. At the same time, the military doctor Petrov-Mishkin was hounding the traitor spy, and the special forces saboteur Boshirov-Chepiga provided force cover. Why they did this, if Skripal was exchanged for our failed agents a few years ago, and before that he spent several years in a Russian prison, it is not entirely clear. Was it really difficult to bait a traitor on a quiche without spending money on a complex special operation over the hill? Well, okay, what does it matter, the main thing is the Byzantine cunning and rancor of the Russians, first of all, their cruel tyrant Putin, whose hands are in blood up to the elbows, and the remains of the “newbie” poison even on the little toes. Again, a new reason for sanctions and an international scandal.

Ours at the Foreign Ministry of course denied everything, hinting that this was a gross provocation of the British special services and that it would be good to look for traces in a nearby secret military center, where chemical weapons have been developing for many years.

But what will they, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, say now, when the Czech intelligence / counterintelligence – the Office for Foreign Relations and Information – and the officials of the Czech Republic who announced Boshirov-Petrov ( or whatever their name really is) on the international wanted list. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country announced this last Saturday. Jan Hamacek, at the same time reporting that 18 Russian diplomats are being expelled from the country, who seem to be diplomats only under cover, but in fact serve in the same GRU of the General Staff of the Russian Federation. On Monday 19 April, Hamacek said he intends to raise the issue at a meeting of EU foreign ministers. Meanwhile, the walls of the Russian embassy in Prague have already been doused with ketchup, apparently hinting at blood. In the political attraction of garbage food, after all, all sorts of bright ersatz and surrogates love.

In the photo: the building of the Russian Embassy in Prague
In the photo: the building of the Russian Embassy in Prague (Photo: AP Photo / Petr David Josek / TASS)

A little later, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrey Babish explained that all diplomats declared persona non grata are suspected of helping to prepare two explosions at military depots in the village of Vrbetice (Zlín region) in the fall of 2014. And the explosions themselves made – who do you think? – well, of course, the super agents Petrov and Boshirov, who entered the territory with their passports Nikolai Popa and Ruslana Tabarova, and before that issued a permit to visit warehouses “for commercial purposes.” Which is actually surprising, given the nature of the goods in these warehouses – tea, not washing powder or toothpaste was stored there. Or did they have a courtyard in their arsenals?

Here, however, there is one problem. If, as Western intelligence services assure, the explosion in Vrbetica, where tens of tons of various weapons and ammunition were stored, was the work of Petrov-Mishkin-Pop and Boshirov-Chepiga-Tabarov, then some strange duet for such an action. Well, okay saboteur Chepiga, who knows how to perfectly handle dynamite, tar, plastic and other blasting agents, he, as they say, was ordered by God himself and the head of the GRU to do this. But what was the “military doctor” Mishkin doing in the warehouse? Was he injecting explosives there through a syringe? Or are they some sort of superman generalists? And with a knife, and poison, and a pistol, and a syringe …

There are many strange inconsistencies surrounding the long-standing explosion in a Czech military warehouse. For example, this: there were actually two explosions: the first, in warehouse No. 16, occurred on October 23, and the second, in warehouse No. 12 – it is located more than a kilometer from the first, – occurred on December 3, that is, a month later and 10 days. Well, it turns out that Russian saboteurs lived quietly in the Czech Republic for forty days, drank Pilsner and plum brandy, had fun with local beauties of low social responsibility, and then remembered: “Damn, we have to blow up another warehouse! And in the same place nearby … “.

And they blew it up! Just some restless ones. I would not be surprised if it is precisely because of Boshirov and Petrov (or whatever they really are) that all military emergencies and civilian disasters have taken place over the past 10 years as part of the insidious hybrid war that Russia is waging against the civilized West. A military plane has fallen – look for the trail of this couple, who visited the airfield and diluted aviation kerosene with donkey urine. A former American military man, and now a pensioner-psycho shot a crowd of people in a supermarket – of course, it was Petrov-Boshirov who visited him the day before and imperceptibly introduced a psychotropic that causes anger and aggression. Notre Dame Cathedral burned down in Paris – look for a gas canister with their prints in the vicinity. And also in 1933 they set fire to the Reichstag …

Here they are – the real heroes! I would immediately confer the title of Hero of Russia on both of them by a secret decree. And if they already have it, then the second time, the third – do not mind. It’s worth doing it for one explosion in Vrbetica.

And for the Western countries, an ambush: where now to look for these elusive and multifaceted Petrov-Boshirov? The moment for raids and ambushes is clearly missed. Although why the Czechs decided to reveal this terrible secret right now, after seven years, it is understandable. It is necessary to somehow be noted and join the common chorus of allies-limitrophes, who, even without a team from Washington, caught the vibes with a refined political instinct. Biden, which opened a new account of anti-Russian sanctions, including the expulsion of a dozen Russian diplomats from the United States. A wave of deportations immediately arose in other European capitals. Czech Republic – 18, Poland – 3, Ukraine – 1, but this is a senior diplomat of the Russian embassy in Kiev. As they say, what can we do, dear Joseph Robinnetovich …

I don’t know if Petrov-Boshirov (or what their names are there and whether they exist in reality) took part in the actions of 2014 and 2018. But this is not so important. If without irony, let’s think about it, what actually happened in the fall of 2014 at military depots in the Czech Zlín region? Four clearly bogus Czech firms that have subleased warehouses from the Imex Group (headquartered in Ostrava, formally engaged in the production and sale of machinery and equipment, but in reality supplies weapons to hot spots). In turn, the Imex Group rented warehouses from the state-owned Military Technical Institute. A typical chain of shell companies, confusing traces on the black arms market.

So these front companies organized the illegal transfer of weapons to Ukraine, where a civil war was flaring up. Moreover, weapons and ammunition were not intended for the official Ukrainian army, but for all kinds of national battalions and terbats, that is, pocket armies Kolomoisky and other oligarchs. The weapons were supposed to be transported along the “southern corridor” through Bulgaria: the official customer of the party was the owner of the Bulgarian arms company “Dunarit” Emilian Gebrev… That is, from the Czech Republic by land to Bulgaria. Well, then it is clear: on ships from the Bulgarian port of Varna along the Black Sea to Odessa or Nikolaev.

Let’s call a spade a spade: from Czech warehouses there was a supply of instruments of death for the murder of civilians of the independent republics of Donbass and a possible attack on the Russian Crimea.

And how should a normal state and its special services act in such cases when it comes to protecting their interests, territory and lives of citizens? For some reason, when the Israeli special services kill an Iranian nuclear physicist, and then organize a sabotage at a uranium enrichment plant, not a single Western country protests. Not a word of protest at all! And there is no talk about the recall of ambassadors from Jerusalem / Tel Aviv.

Why did no one of the officials in the West say a word in defense of the “Russian arms baron” Victor Boutwho, in fact, was kidnapped on foreign territory and imprisoned in an American prison? Where are the words of protest? Where are the diplomatic demarches?

Let’s not talk about the double-triple-quadruple standards of the West, this is already a common place. It is about something else: the US and NATO are ALREADY waging a war against Russia. A real war, albeit without direct military clashes. But this is for now. And in war – as in war: any means are good.

It is clear that the Russian special services do not comment on anything, they never comment in such cases. Reacting to the latest Czech events, the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called them “tricks”, vaguely hinting at the backlash: “Prague is well aware of what will follow such tricks”

But what does trick mean? Did we do nothing? Is Russia not involved in this? The armory for supplying the Ukronazis was not liquidated? And the explosions are the result of drunkenness of the Czech quartermasters who left an unextinguished cigarette butt?

If so, then it’s a pity …

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