Apr 25, 2022
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Two-factor authentication via SMS

Two-factor authentication via SMSTwo-factor authentication

In the modern world, cases of online fraud have become more frequent. In this regard, everyone seeks to protect their personal data in various ways. If you are serious about your cybersecurity, then two-factor authentication will be the way out. Next, we will consider the key features and features of this option for the average user.

What kind of two-factor authentication is best?

Two-factor authentication is the sending of a special code that you will need to enter to verify your identity. As a rule, the code has a certain period of validity and must be entered during this time. The code can be tied to the user’s mobile number, his e-mail or a special application.

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Practice shows that many users prefer to send SMS messages to confirm their identity. This is the fastest and most efficient way, which is reliable. Among its other advantages are the following:

  • Comfort. The choice in favor of SMS messages to send the code is very convenient. In this case, you do not need to download a special application, go through the registration process and perform other actions. It is enough to link your mobile phone so that an SMS with a code arrives within a few seconds.
  • Reliability. Binding to a mobile device can also protect the user from any attacks on his personal data. If any threat occurs, the user will be notified that someone is trying to access his personal data.
  • Security. SMS messages are randomly generated codes that are sent to a specified phone number. In this case, the risk of hacking, as is possible with the application, is reduced to zero. The probability that the user’s SIM card will be in the hands of an attacker is zero.

The use of the application is deprived of the security guaranteed by binding to a mobile number. Many users choose this type of two-factor authentication, since any risks are reduced to zero.

However, the choice always depends on the personal preferences of the user and the method that seems to him the most preferable.

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