Oct 25, 2021
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Twitter users considered Johnson’s joke about animals at a meeting with children unfunny


Twitter users find Johnson's joke about animals at a meeting with children unfunny
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They assessed the incident involving the politician in a meeting with children between eight and twelve years old. Johnson spoke about the planned UN summit on climate change in Glasgow. During the conversation, the prime minister demanded “to force the cows to stop burping” to reduce methane emissions and suggested “feeding some people to animals” to restore the natural balance.

Johnson’s controversial joke in front of children caused a wave of outrage on the Web. Twitter users considered the Prime Minister’s statements unfunny. & nbsp / & nbsp

“Soon Johnson will start coming to children in nightmares,” the commentators stated.

“He constantly makes inappropriate comments, they cannot be taken seriously, even if an important topic is touched upon,” stressed the users of the social network.

They also ironically walked over Johnson’s figure. According to commentators, at the expense of the Prime Minister, you can “feed” a pack of wolves for several months.

Earlier, UK residents on the Web criticized the new tax imposed by the prime minister to restore the healthcare sector after the pandemic. According to users, the funds will end up in the accounts of politicians.

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