Jan 8, 2021
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Twitch has temporarily blocked Trump’s account

Moderators of the largest streaming service Twitch decided to follow the example of other social networks and block the account of the current head of the United States, Donald Trump, amid the unrest in Washington.

“In light of yesterday’s shocking attack on the Capitol, we froze President Trump’s Twitch channel,” the Axios news portal quoted the platform as saying.

As explained in the administration of Twitch, this measure is necessary to protect the community itself, as well as prevent the use of the service to “incite further violence.”

At the same time, the account of the American leader is still active, in particular, his archived videos and his profile are available. However, the president’s account has been temporarily disabled, so he will not be able to broadcast for now.

It clarifies that access will be limited until January 20, when Donald Trump leaves the presidency, and then the service will reconsider the issue of unblocking the account.

Recall that Twitter was the first to freeze Trump’s account two days ago due to the protests of his supporters that broke out in the American capital, accusing him of publishing messages that violate company policy. Subsequently, the example of this social network was also followed by Facebook and Instagram. The incumbent head of the White House thus lost the opportunity to publish his materials there until the end of his presidential term.

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