Jan 7, 2022
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Twins Galkin and Pugacheva made gifts for Christmas with their own hands


TV presenter Maxim Galkin shared a video in which he captured how the children wished them Merry Christmas with Alla Pugacheva.

Lisa and Harry Galkin congratulated their parents on the Christmas holidays and presented them with gifts that they made the day before with their own hands. The showman Maxim Galkin filmed the moment of congratulations on a video, which he published on a page in his personal blog.

The first gift was given by Lisa. The girl made holiday cards and learned a poem. Galkin suggested that she herself composed the work, but Lisa admitted that she “dug it up on the Internet.” Harry decided to please Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with a winter-themed cone craft. The parents sincerely praised the child for the beautiful work.

Galkin’s followers on Instagram immediately reacted to the video. They admired the upbringing of children of star parents and wished them a Merry Christmas: “Well, what are they adorable 🙌 Merry Christmas! 😍 “,” Wonder children. As I look, I notice so much that I start to smile involuntarily. Hello to you 🤗 “,” Maxim and Alla, you are just great. You have such kids growing up. I envy for the kindness. Happiness, health, love to you. Happy Holidays ”,“ So cool. I especially liked how Liza said “no, I dug it out on the Internet”, 🤣“.

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