Nov 20, 2021
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Twelve signs a person deserves to be in your life

Twelve signs a person deserves to be in your life

Twelve signs a person deserves to be in your life

Remember these signs, they will be useful to you.

1. If they take the time to get to know you.

Appreciate people who want to get to know you better. More than your outer shell. More than just hanging out together. People who want to talk to you about serious topics. The ones you can be real with.

2. ..but they can tell you when you are not sincere.

They get to know you so well that they know when you are not real. And you practically feel guilty about lying to them.

3.… and still they don’t go away.

They stay close because they know you need someone there when you realize that you no longer want to be who you are.

4. If they don’t give you an ultimatum …

Even when you make the wrong decisions, they want to tell you what to do because they know you have to be wrong in order to learn.

5.… but they stay there to help.

They don’t stay to say, “I told you so.” They are just there when silence speaks louder than words.

6. When you fall …

When it seems like your life is crumbling, these are the people who will always answer your call. They will be there no matter what.

7.… but they still believe in you.

They judge you not by your failures, but by your accomplishments. And while you may think this is the end of the world, they know that it is not.

8. They hurt when you are hurt.

And they are constantly in touch with you to know that everything is fine with you. And if not, they will be there until all is well with you.

9. They accept you for who you are.

Even when you act horribly in moments, they see the best in you, and they know there is a reason for it.

10. They make you see your potential.

They want you to look at yourself the way they look at you. They wish you happiness.

11. You are sure that they will not go anywhere.

In whatever life situation you find yourself in.

12. But you don’t take them for granted.

You have mutual respect, you hardly even quarrel. Your feelings for each other are the most sincere.

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