Aug 30, 2021
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TV series “about the USSR” parody

Now all sorts of serials “about the USSR” are very popular. Allegedly about the USSR. More precisely – against the background of the USSR. And there is a reason here. To drag out a wretchedly burdensome melodrama about how they abandoned a pregnant “girl” for the sake of a rich fifa-viper is boring. But if everything is the same with the sounds of Jam-a-a-aaaa-yka !!!! – this is much tastier, even if “Jamaica” was not listened to at all that year

Basically, the plot in these series is not the main thing. It (the plot) is usually trivial. Another thing is important. Artifacts and decorations. The main characters of such films are a soda water machine, a Moskvich receiver and a carpet with deer. Therefore, in order to produce such a series, you need not select actors, but junk. Sorry vintage. The main reason for the USSR projects is to show how disgusting life was in the USSR, but we still held out, because there was sex after all. Well, and popsicle ice cream for 20 kopecks close-up. And a deer-reindeer with Jamaaaaaayka!

Here is my parody. She loves Him, and he loves the other and, of course, participates in the dissident movement. A girl, for example, Rita (who loves him) should be played by a typical serial actress. In parallel with this project, the actor starred in the ninth season of “Criminal District” (the role of an investigator for particularly unimportant cases), in the third season of “District Crime” (the role of the girlfriend of the bandit Vasya Konkrechny), in the hundred and twenty-three-episode saga “Living Life” (the role of the second lover of businessman Khrenko ), in the fifth and seventy-fifth episodes of the series “Live Another Life” (the role of the third wife of the lawyer Moshonkin). Therefore – the face is familiar and cute. Actress – no, but why do you need “what” if the main role is still a rug with deer ?!

… The girl Rita studies at the institute, the building of which is covered with posters of the 1920-1980s, while the action takes place in 1968, for example. He wears a bell skirt of the 1959 model and a babette hairstyle, which was no longer very much worn in the capital’s universities. In 1968. But the authors had seen enough of the film “Hipsters” at one time and they really liked it. In the second episode, a bad security officer harasses the girl Rita and demands to actively tap, and also sleep with him (and with other bad security officers). Rita proudly refuses, after which the bad Chekist will crap and cheat for all 38 episodes.

… The one who is loved is the non-conformist poet Vladik. Long hair, relatives abroad, a basement, acquaintance with fashion models and restaurant labukhs, fartsa, anti-Sovietism, love of truth, hatred of the Chekists (who are all bad). In general, a positive hero, in which the modern man is guessed-wise (from the point of view of the authors). Vladik loves another woman – for example, the fashion model Polina Lyadskaya, the gorgeous playwright of restaurants and Koktebeli. She also wears a babette and stiletto heels, although fashionable aunts in 1968 wore mini dresses in psychedelic colors. Rita suffers … and, suffering under “Lilies of the Valley, Lilies of the Valley”, “Lavender – Mountain Lavender” and “Everything goes according to plan” by Yegor Letov, she eats ice cream from a bowl. Next – a close-up of the label of the Buratino gas water, stuck to a kefir bottle – it was not possible to get an authentic one.

Then she (after drinking and eating) agrees to become the wife of an ugly engineer Volodya, who, as it turns out later, works for a bad Chekist (it’s good that he doesn’t sleep with him!). Rita and Volodya’s wedding. Still, “Lilies of the valley-lilies of the valley” and “Jama-a-a-aika!” Bedroom with carpet and deer. Rita sobs into her pillow. At this time, Vladik meets the French singer Jacqueline Siju and leaves with her to France. Here Madame Sijou wears a radical mini and over the knee boots in acid colors. Because – France. Then there were many, many episodes in which Rita was tormented in the snares of Soviet reality – no less fabulous than Tolkien’s Mordor.

Samizdat, talk that there is nothing to eat again, a panorama of a city hung with portraits of Brezhnev, furniture of the late 1980s under the guise of a 1975 setting, “Lilies of the Valley” and Yegor Letov … In the final – already in Perestroika they collide – withered Rita and the chic foreigner Vladik. They meet with gazes and go in different directions. Past the commercial stalls that haven’t been there yet and with “Two pieces of sausage” that haven’t been there either. If the authors have a fuse, and especially – money, then you can shoot this very burden to the present day – these episodes will be completely impossible to watch in view of their unprecedented carelessness and far-fetchedness. Such films look good for the first three or four episodes, and then they slide into a dull merde, which is boring to watch even in a fit of nostalgia for soda and the ZIL refrigerator. The first three days the blogs will blaze with indignation and screams that in 1968 there were no such tape recorders, and the “Friend” cigarettes looked different, but then all this gets bored and the viewers switch … to another series of the same kind.

Galina Ivankina

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