Feb 21, 2021
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TV presenter Todorenko called an unexpected reason for the installation of braces

TV presenter Regina Todorenko decided on a difficult decision – she installed braces. Health issues pushed her to take this step. She published the corresponding post on Instagram.

The fans were surprised by this decision. In their opinion, Todorenko’s smile is perfect. The very same celebrity called the installation of braces at the age of 30 – “a fascinating attraction.”

“Friends, the aesthetic issue interests me least of all, first of all it is necessary to avoid problems with the neck, back and so on, because our physical development begins with the mouth,” writes the TV presenter.

Fans of the star supported Todorenko in her decision.

“I recently learned that bite problems can dramatically change the human skeleton. And pull problems with the musculoskeletal system. Teeth-neck-spine-arms-legs = a bunch of health problems. Pay attention to your teeth! ” – notes margaritalepetchenko.

“I put braces at the age of 33 for a company with my ex-husband, he really needed it, and I wanted it. <…> So I went with them for two years too. And I also flew as a flight attendant, so at first I was shy and it was terribly inconvenient to constantly clean them after eating. But when I got divorced, I met my future Spaniard husband with a gorgeous smile, so there are pluses everywhere, ”olga_airgirl shared her story.

“What is there at 30, I put it at 42,” writes ekaterinayurkevich78.

Recently Regina Todorenko appeared at the show “Mask” in a new image – the celebrity changed her hair color to a pink tint. She had experimented with hair before, but she never shocked fans.

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