Jan 25, 2021
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TV presenter Dovlatova revealed the secret of her sports regimen and nutrition

The maximum weight of TV presenter Alla Dovlatova was after giving birth, but the girl was able to get back into shape in just two months, dropping 20 kilograms.

Dovlatova adheres to regular training, special procedures, and proper nutrition. She does not indulge in sweets, replacing it with fruit, but sometimes she can eat cheesecakes for breakfast. The TV presenter practices intermittent fasting without eating for 18 hours a day. The maximum weight of the star was 72 kilograms.

“When, after the New Year holidays, you come back from vacation, where you picked up a little, and you see that“ that very dress ”doesn’t look so good on you, you pull yourself together and return to shape. The main thing is to hold out for a week, after this period you are drawn into the regime, and everything becomes easy and simple again, “Dovlatova noted.

She tries to train three or four times a week, sometimes five. Every morning, the TV presenter does 30-minute breathing exercises on an empty stomach. She devotes another half hour a day to aqua aerobics with dumbbells.

Alla Dovlatova recently discovered visceral massage, which helps to get rid of belly fat accumulated over many years. Telediva also makes cavitation a cosmetic procedure to get rid of fatty deposits using ultrasound.

Gymnast Lyaysan Utyasheva previously talked about a unique diet. This system requires eating a bowl of vegetable or chicken soup for breakfast.

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