Sep 1, 2021
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TV channel that discredits the image of teachers and schools

At a video meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the teacher of history and social studies at school # 26 in the city of Yaroslavl, Zhanna Torkhova, complained about the image of a teacher from the TNT show “Nasha Russia”. She believes that a character like Snezhana Denisova destroys the image of the teacher and the school as a whole.

“I am sure that correct coverage of pedagogical work in the mass media is necessary – through a positive image of the teacher in the works of mass culture: in the cinema, in the theater, in literature. It’s funny to watch the exaggerated image of Snezhana Denisovna from Our Russia, but this destroys the image of the teacher and the school as a whole, ”said Zhanna Torkhova.

The President agreed with the teacher.

“Regarding the media, I completely agree with you. I have already spoken on this score many times with my colleagues, with those who are engaged in one way or another in this area. I assure you everyone understands this. Of course, we only need to move from understanding to the implementation of what the country needs. And she needs to create an image of the teacher as a person on whom the future of our state depends. We will certainly do this.

If you paid attention, such attempts are still being made, but this should be done widely, and not only to create films. We need appropriate programs. Now everything is commercialized, so the state should allocate money for this, make appropriate orders and promote this positive information in social networks, on the Internet, ”Vladimir Putin replied.

Video recording of the President’s response

Recall that in 2016, the Association of Young Teachers of Russia appealed to the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation and the TNT TV channel with a request to stop denigrating the image of a teacher and a school in TV series and films. We are talking, in particular, about the series “Fizruk” and the films “Teacher”, “Geographer drank the globe”.

According to the deputy chairman of the Association of Young Teachers Maxim Davydov, the result of discrediting teachers on the screen was the reluctance of the younger generation to choose this profession.

“There is an acute shortage of young personnel in schools, only 17% of teachers are between the ages of 20 and 35. And teenagers, after watching such films, do not want to choose the profession of a teacher later. You can make a film where the main characters will be teachers and where work in the school will be praised, ”- said the representative of the organization.

It is worth noting that not only TNT, but also Channel One and many other major Russian media outlets, discredit the image of a teacher in its media production. Below are examples of information activity that is harmful to society.

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