May 2, 2021
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Turkish police detain former IS leader’s “right hand”

Turkish police have stalled Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s most important assistant. The leader of the Islamic State terrorist group, banned in Russia, was exterminated earlier.

Turkish police detain former IS leader's

The “right hand” of the head of the terrorists was found during a special operation in Istanbul. The militant was being watched for a long time. When he left his house in the Atasehir district, he was stalled.

The operation was attended not only by the police, but also by the soldiers of the national agent organization.

The terrorist’s apartment was ransacked and found communication weapons, which were seized. The security forces also opened photographs in which he was with a sword raised up.

The investigation found out that the terrorist entered Turkey with a fake passport several years ago.

He was responsible for the military forces of IS and their infrastructure, participated in the organization of terrorist acts in Syria.

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