Dec 31, 2020
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"Turkic NATO" at our borders. Erdogan launched an offensive against Russia

The next qualitative step after the creation of the Turkic analogue of the European Union – the Council of Turkic-speaking States – should be the already declared creation of a “Turkic NATO” – the United Army of Turan. Which will include Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan. And this “Turkic NATO” aimed at Russia will be located near our borders.

Of course, this project could not do without our Western “sworn friends”: on the head of the insolent “Turkish wolf” one can clearly see “British ears”. Fortunately, British intelligence is led by Richard Moore, a former ambassador to Ankara and a personal friend of Erdogan. And the fact that the world owes not least to the British influence for the creation of the Turanian bloc is quite obvious.

While the presidency is being shared in the United States, London has become sharply active in the south – in the “soft underbelly” of Russia. In Kazakhstan, the British are cleaning up the pro-Russian (and pro-Chinese, too) party, and the “Jamesbonds” have become very active in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Probably, the next “Kyrgyz revolution” was not without them. And from January 1, 2021, the just-signed British-Turkish free trade agreement will come into force, in addition to purely economic support for Erdogan, opening up the possibility of any supplies, including the military.

Well, and, of course, London is interested in the Caucasus, which the British have long considered “their sphere of interests.” Let us recall the same half-century Caucasian war, which lasted for so long solely thanks to the British supply of modern firearms to the mountaineers. Let us recall the Russian-Turkish and Russian-Persian wars of the 19th century, which were always backed by the British. Let us recall the British intervention in the Caucasus during the Russian Civil War. Let us finally recall the most active support by the “gentlemen” of Dudayev’s Ichkeria and the friendly hugs of Aslan Maskhadov and Margaret Thatcher. Alas, nothing has changed over the past 200 years.

Did Russia get what it was supposed to get?

For too long we have been playing “friendship” with Turkey, “not noticing” either Erdogan’s pan-Turkist ambitions, or claims to almost half of Russian territories. Time after time, the Turks were “forgiven” for such “pranks” as the downed planes, the murder of the Russian ambassador, and the patronage and financing of militants in Syria. Alas, the profit-oriented commercial thinking of high-ranking officials in charge of foreign policy turned out to be more suitable not for the empire, but for the trading shop. And now it can be clearly seen from the situation, which, quite obviously, is taking shape. not in our favor

The united army of Turan makes it possible to deploy “Turanian” military bases near our borders, which will de facto Turkish, i.e NATO! Thus, NATO will strengthen itself in the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus, gradually squeezing Russia out of there. Hundreds of sabotage groups from the same pro-Turkish militants who were once brought to Karabakh from Syria will climb into our territory across the border with Dagestan. Given a very difficult social situation in this republic, there will certainly be many hunters to raise a mutiny with Turkish help under the slogan of creating something like the Caucasian imamate of Shamil. And there Chechnya, Ingushetia, and very soon the entire Eastern Caucasus may turn into a serious problem for Russia.

They will be especially concerned with the Western Caucasus. They will most likely try to play on the Circassian theme – by raising historical grievances for the mass deportation of Circassian tribes to Turkey in 1864-1867, who did not want to become Russian citizens. When in 1923 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk proclaimed a policy of “Turkization” of the population, about 3 million Circassians were assimilated into the Turkish people (officially, there are 140 thousand Circassians in Turkey).

However, in 2015, Erdogan already tried to blackmail Russia with the Circassian theme, threatening Putin that if he spoke at the events marking the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, Turkey would recognize the deportation of the Circassians as genocide.

Then, however, it did not work out, but who said that in the current conditions Erdogan would not raise the topic again ?! What, using the Turkish Circassians (for example, who wished to “return to their historical homeland”), will not try, stirring up past grievances, to raise Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia against Russia?

Let us not forget about the Volga region, which the Turks also claim in terms of “common Turkic unity” and where Turkish emissaries have been working very actively for a long time, and Turkish business is almost the main foreign investor. As for Yakutia (which the Turks also claim), of course, the Turks’ claims so far look fantastic, but everything can be assumed. And, of course, the emphasis will be on Crimea and work with Crimean Tatars. Moreover, in this direction the “Great Turan” has such an interested ally as the Bandera Ukraine.

The answer should be as harsh as possible

Of course, we cannot forbid the peoples who suddenly realized their “common Turkic unity” to sign any agreements. But it is our legal right to adjust the relationship with its participants accordingly.

It will be necessary to look at the prosperous Azerbaijani community in Russia, and Azerbaijani business in particular, in a completely different way. It is no secret that Russian Azerbaijanis (and there are at least 1.5 million) actively supported Aliyev’s Karabakh blitzkrieg and are literally fanatical about Erdogan. For now this resulted in “victorious” demonstrations with Azerbaijani and Turkish flags in Russian cities and attempts to discriminate against the ethnic principle of Armenian merchants.

But who can say what we can expect from such motivated people in the event of aggravation of relations between Russia and Azerbaijan and Turkey? Despite the fact that ethnic Azerbaijanis, according to some reports, control up to 80% of food supplies to our largest cities, you can expect anything. Moreover, one can hardly doubt that Turkish agents are already working with might and main here in the Azerbaijani environment.

Relations with Kazakhstan should fundamentally change. Yes, there is no open Russophobia, but there is creeping and very consistent Russophobia: with the total renaming of the cities built by Russians, the squeezing out of Russian personnel, the opportunistic rewriting of our common history, the shooting of relevant films, etc. Plus – the notorious “multi-vector” foreign policy, which sooner or later resulted in everyone going over to the side of Russia’s enemies.

The fact that these processes did not take place without the participation of the same Turks with their “Pan-Turkist unity” is, as they say, and do not go to a fortune-teller. Therefore, the current fraternization of Kazakhstan with Turkey and its imminent entry into an essentially anti-Russian military bloc should hardly be surprising. So you’ll think about it: wasn’t Russia in a hurry to disown the scandalous statements of Nikonov and Fedorov about the ownership of a number of Kazakhstani lands?

And finally about Central Asia. Immediately and on the day of the signing of the agreement on the formation of the United Army of Turan in Russia, the question of the stay of labor migrants from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan on our territory should be raised. On the eve of a very likely aggravation of relations with the “Turkic bloc” in the country, having several million potential “partisans” is mortally dangerous for the country’s security.

The need to bring migrants from Central Asia to Russia was explained to us, among other things, by the fact that, they say, there is unemployment, so recruitment of young people by Islamists is likely and the emergence of a terrorist hotbed near our borders. And so, as they say, we have played out: now on our borders is the second largest NATO army with modern weapons and practically unlimited mobilization resources. Leaving millions of potential supporters of a potential enemy in such a situation inside the country is tantamount to betrayal.

And, of course, it would not be a bad idea to get closer to Iran, which, no doubt, will also be targeted by the Turanian bloc.

Behave Imperial

There is a Russian fairy tale. Lived grandfather, grandmother and granddaughter, had a full yard of cattle. A wolf got into the habit of them, says: “Give the sheep, otherwise I’ll eat the granddaughter.” They gave it away. The next day he came again, then again, and so on – until he had eaten all the cattle. Then he says: “Grandfather, give your granddaughter, otherwise I’ll eat your grandmother.” Then the grandfather realized that if he gave up the granddaughter, tomorrow they would demand the grandmother, and then his turn would come. He took a drin from the wattle fence and killed the wolf.

Russia has been playing giveaway with Turkey for too long, yielding, negotiating and turning its left cheek when the Turks happily slapped it on the right. So, maybe it will be enough for our country to allow the Turks to “breed” themselves, pretending that they allegedly “quarreled with the West”? Stop forgiving insults and lavishing compliments “the man of the word “and” a real man “Erdogan. It is worth admitting that the West fed him, armed and orientated him against Russia. And sooner or later he will grab onto our country. Is it worth waiting for this moment, repeating enchantedly like a cartoon cat:”Guys let’s be friends!?

Nobody, of course, calls for war. But even without war, Russia has a lot of means of influencing the newly-minted sultan. There is only lack of determination and intention to apply them. So isn’t it time to finally do it, acting as an empire should?

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