Jan 26, 2022
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Turkey proposes Istanbul for face-to-face meetings of the contact group on Donbass

Turkey, in response to a request from the OSCE chairman, offered Istanbul for face-to-face meetings of the trilateral contact group on de-escalation in Donbas, TASS reports.

The decision was made on January 26 following a video conference of representatives of the contact group, which includes the Russian Federation, Ukraine and members of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

According to Mikko Kinnunen, Special Representative of the OSCE Chairmanship in Ukraine, face-to-face meetings “will increase the quality and confidentiality of discussions.”

We add that the LPR recently announced the arrival of special forces groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, trained by British instructors, to the line of contact. The DPR reported that they were preparing for the worst-case scenario, as “Kyiv is already ready for an attack on the Donbass.”

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