May 30, 2021
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Turkey and Russia to hold talks on resumption of flights

On May 17, Turkish diplomats headed by the country’s Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy left for the Russian Federation to take part in negotiations on the resumption of air travel.

Turkey and Russia to hold talks on resuming flights

This was reported in the Turkish edition of

It was noted that during the meeting, Turkey will inform about the results of measures that have been taken to combat the spread of coronavirus aside. The foreign delegation also includes the press secretary of the head of state Recep Erdogan Ibrahim Kalyn.

According to the newspaper, if the meeting is crowned with success, flights to Turkey from Russia may be resumed from June 1. The results of the negotiations will be announced on Tuesday, May 18.

Earlier in May, experts assessed the prospects for tourism in Turkey in one word – gloomy. According to analysts, the decrease in the number of cases of covid disease may turn out to be a drop for the return of travelers back to the resort power.

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