Oct 15, 2020
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Tsiolkovsky believed in extraterrestrial civilizations

In the modern world, people often do not think about many of the mysteries of the universe. We are immersed in our own minor problems, so we often do not have the strength and desire to think about alien civilizations. Meanwhile, many great and famous people admitted such a possibility, because were and are much smarter than most people living with the herd reflex.

Many people cannot even imagine the true scale of the Universe, which consists of thousands of galaxies, billions and trillions of stars, planets, solar systems, so why should we consider ourselves unique creatures who are incredibly lucky to appear on the only planet in the Universe?

This article was created not with the aim of convincing people of the possibility of the existence of other, extraterrestrial civilizations, but has the goal of enlightening, so that people learn more about why we cannot be unique creatures in the entire boundless space.

Most skeptics are sure that there simply cannot be any aliens, but to answer the reason for the absence of other intelligent beings in the Universe, and those who can give at least some arguments, after a few minutes begin to mutter something indistinct. So if there are no other civilizations in space, then why do some countries spend billions of dollars looking for habitable planets?

But Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky admitted the possibility, but rather sincerely believed that we are not alone in the Universe. This man was not afraid of public opinion, firmly defending his position.

"What we have the right to expect from our planet, we can equally rightly expect from others."- writes Tsiolkovsky. "But on some of them (planets), due to conditions, it (life) blossomed more magnificently and faster, gave beings technical and mental power and became a source of higher life for other planets of the Universe.", - the philosopher suggests.

Tsiolkovsky had a lot of different thoughts and sayings about extraterrestrial civilizations. This man was not a fool, so if you do not believe his belief in alien civilizations, then you should at least independently analyze the possibility of life on other planets.

If extraterrestrial civilizations do not exist, then how to explain the numerous myths and legends about gods who descended from heaven in the past, images of UFOs among different peoples, if these peoples did not even contact each other, but all descriptions and legends are similar.

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