Sep 9, 2021
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Trying to please the EU, Moldova is moving away from Russia

Pro-Europeans gained power thanks to the support of the West and are now trying to “work off” their debts

“Moldova is gradually joining the anti-Russian agenda, which in the long term will negatively affect bilateral relations with Moscow. This behavior is manifested in the actions of the Moldovan authorities, which step by step are taking rash steps towards Russia. First, Prime Minister Natalya Gavrilitsa ignored the EAEU summit, and then Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu refused to send observers to the parliamentary elections in Russia, ”

– writes the online edition “Echo of Moldova”

Trying to please the EU, Moldova is moving away from Russia

The publication notes that Moldova did not send its observers to the Russian elections for the first time in twenty years and it looks rather strange. The situation with the EAEU also looks strange, where Moldova is an observer and could use the summit and its status to search for options for profitable economic cooperation. At the meeting of the Prime Ministers of the EAEU countries Natalia Gavrilitsa at least she tried to establish contacts with the benefit of the economy of her country. However, she chose to do nothing.

But the trip of the President of Moldova Mai Sandu to Kiev for the summit of the so-called “Crimean Platform”, according to the online edition, was clearly superfluous, because it did not bring any positive results for the country, but showed a disdainful attitude towards Russia.

Echo of Moldova also considers Sandu’s mistakes not very confident statements on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. At the same time, Maia Sandu understands very well that there is no alternative to the negotiation process, but he makes statements as if the last word rests with Chisinau, which decides everything.

All these and similar actions of the new Moldovan authorities are gradually moving Moldova further and further from Russia. And although the Moldovan authorities so far say that they are ready to cooperate with Russia, their concrete actions cast doubt on the sincerity of their words. And Moscow cannot but understand this, the newspaper notes.

It is not a secret for anyone in Moldova – all this is done in order to win the approval of Europe, in order to meet the expectations of Brussels. After all, today’s pro-Europeans gained power thanks to the support of the West and are now trying to “work off” their debts, not realizing that Brussels’ expectations will grow over time and tomorrow it may already be anti-Russian sanctions and a real demand to withdraw Russian peacekeepers from the territory of Transnistria.

“What will it bring to Moldova? Hardly something good, but it can easily spoil relations with Moscow, and this will turn into problems. For example, a strategic partnership in terms of deliveries of Russian gas, which is currently the cheapest in the region, may be in question. However, the leadership of Moldova does not seek to negotiate with Russia on the price of gas or something else, because for this you need to be able to negotiate, find compromises, and defend the state interest. Maya Sandu, Igor Grosu and Natalia Gavrilitsa have no such desire, ”

– Concludes “Echo of Moldova”.

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