May 12, 2022
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Try to Think Positively: How Our Thoughts Shape Our Destiny

Try to Think Positively: How Our Thoughts Shape Our Destiny

Fate is the lifeline of every person. It starts from one point and changes according to our thoughts and ideas.

Quantum physics and its paradoxes

Before the advent of this science, matter was considered solid, liquid or gaseous. But everything has changed. Everything around us is energy. Life is energy, the Universe is energy. And even a person is more than a physical body.

According to quantum physics, all the particles of this universe are everywhere at the same time. Particles change their state and become what we see, that is, reality. People’s expectations dramatically change reality. This theory is correct and confirmed by numerous mathematical formulas.

Reality and its interpretation

Since ancient times, people have argued that reality does not exist. They were partly right. Because quantum physics tells us that reality appears only with the advent of the observer.

Observation plays a crucial role in an atomic event. Reality differs depending on whether we observe it or not.

Werner Heisenberg wrote in Physics and Philosophy:
We must remember that what we observe is not nature itself, but nature as it emerges as it is brought to light by our way of asking questions.

One of the most subtle forms of energy is thought. Thoughts are that invisible force that underlies everything you do in life.

It all starts with your mind and thoughts. Thoughts are the starting force. Any rational being must first think, and only then – do.

We are gradually approaching the fact that:

  • Thoughts are the main forms of energy that affect our lives.
  • It all depends on what we think and how we feel at the moment. When we get angry, we give birth to monstrous thoughts. When we are calm, thoughts carry positive energy.

Did you know that anger and suffering immobilize your immune system for 5-6 hours? During this time, almost any disease can occur.
In fact, all this time you are defenseless, like a computer on which you have not installed an anti-virus program.

If thoughts are positive, then fate will be happy. And if they are negative, then there will be black stripes in life.

Try to think positive and not dwell on bad things. Thoughts are material. Attract good luck and goodness to you. But you have to start with yourself. The “cleaner” and more colorful your thoughts are, the more rosy your life will be.

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