Sep 13, 2020
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Trust of the people. EP maintains leadership positions in the Far East

According to preliminary data, United Russia is gaining more than half of the votes in the elections to the Magadan Regional Duma on party lists. In addition, party candidates win in most single-mandate constituencies.

“On two levels of elections - to the Legislative Assembly and the Magadan City Duma -“ United Russia is confidently leading. I would like to thank the residents of the region for the high level of trust in the party and our candidates, ”said Secretary of the General Council of "United Russia" Andrey Turchak...

The turnout actually reached 31%.

“We have every reason to count on the high support of voters. The first protocols are encouraging, ”said Governor of the Magadan Region Sergey Nosovtopping the list.

Received strong support in the election of the highest official Acting Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region Rostislav Goldstein... With a record turnout for the region of 70% - in 2015 it was almost two and a half times lower - the United Russia candidate received, according to preliminary information, about 88% of the votes.

“This is a huge credit of trust, trust for the future. I hope we will justify it. And the attention given by the federal center to the Far East will continue, and then we will be able to get the results that you see now - both in turnout and in voting, ”Goldstein noted.

Andrei Turchak, in turn, congratulated the Acting Governor on his convincing victory.

"Rostislav Ernstovich [Гольдштейн], those orders of voters that you received during the election campaign, the strategy for the development of the region that you outlined in your election program, I perceive for myself as homework that we will work out together - with the federal center, with the federal government ... I am sure that the projects that have been declared will definitely be implemented, and the guarantee of this is the team that we have gathered around us in the region, ”summed up the Secretary of the General Council of“ United Russia ”.

“The results of the elections in the Jewish Autonomous Region, Magadan Oblast and Kamchatka showed that the Khabarovsk protests are a local factor. For regional elections, local cases are more important. Protests in the Khabarovsk Territory did not have a serious impact on neighboring territories and the Far East as a whole, noted Chairman of the Board of the Civil Society Development Fund Konstantin Kostin, commenting on the preliminary results of the EDG-2020 in the Far East.

“With this level of support for the ruling party and its candidates, protests can be classified not as political activity, but as another format of dialogue between society and the government, through which citizens declare that they are not satisfied with it. One should not be afraid of him, but learn to work with him. With the right action on both sides, this is not a rocking of the boat, but a necessary condition for social dynamics. On the one hand, there were many protests in the Far East. On the other hand, the preliminary results of the voting indicate that people are choosing the political status quo that exists now, ”the expert noted.

“Residents not only assess the previous years of work, but also assess the business and political qualities of candidates that will be in demand during the next term. Already now we can conclude that United Russia remains the main political force in the region, ”the political scientist said.

At the same time, the ideology and program with which United Russia entered the elections are no less important.

“Stability and social guarantees, of which United Russia speaks, in the post-pandemic crisis turned out to be important for voters. They elect party representatives because they believe that United Russia knows how to achieve these goals. At the same time, today they look at the party without rose-colored glasses, point out mistakes to it - but all the same, they choose it from the existing political menu, ”states Kostin.

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