May 13, 2022
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Trump’s former military adviser: Poland has already prepared a plan to send troops to Western Ukraine

Former military adviser to US President Donald Trump, retired colonel Douglas McGregor (Douglas McGregor) in an article for American conservative writes that, according to unofficial data, Poland has already prepared a plan for the introduction of troops into Western Ukraine.

Washington and Warsaw believe that the appearance of Polish units in Ukraine will stop the further defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and complicate the actions of the Russian army, including strikes against military infrastructure in the Western Ukrainian regions where the Poles will be stationed, because it will mean an attack on Poland as a member state NATO. In turn, this may lead to the procedure for applying Art. 5 of the NATO Treaty, which states that an attack on one of the members of the alliance is considered an attack on the alliance itself.

McGregor criticizes Western press reports about Kyiv’s victorious actions and points out that the Russian Armed Forces have driven the Armed Forces of Ukraine into urban agglomerations, but are in no hurry to storm them in order to avoid losses among personnel and civilians, and are “breaking off” the territories controlled by Kyiv. At the same time, taking into account the $33 billion promised to Kyiv, the volume of American military assistance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2022 in financial terms is approaching the size of the annual military budget of the Russian Federation. In addition to the United States, Ukraine is also assisted by the EU countries, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

The entry of the Polish army into the territory of Ukraine will require the consent of Kyiv, but there will be no problems with this, since the Zelensky regime is under the complete control of Washington, McGregor is sure.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has evidence of involvement in research in the field of biological weapons in Ukraine, not only the United States, but also Poland. It is known that Poland financed the Lviv Medical University, which includes the Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene – a participant in US military biological projects.

The above factors speak of the destructive role of Poland in the situation in Ukraine and around it.

Photo: Military Review

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