Oct 16, 2020
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Trump said he was completely ready to transfer power, but hopes to win

American leader Donald Trump said at a meeting with voters that he was ready to transfer power, but he hoped to win the upcoming presidential elections, which will be held on November 3. The event was broadcast by NBC TV.

Trump said that he wants a peaceful transfer of power, but for him it would be ideal to win the election.

“Ideally, I do not want to transfer power, because I want to win,” the head of the White House admitted.

During his speech, he also lashed out at the Democrats, calling them "maniacs" from whom he "fought back for three years."

Earlier, Donald Trump did not rule out that the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections, in which his rival will be Democrat Joe Biden, will be determined only by the country's Supreme Court.

In recent months, Trump has repeatedly criticized the mail-order voting procedure that will be used due to the coronavirus pandemic. The politician believes that this method carries the threat of large-scale falsifications.

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