Aug 19, 2022
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Trump Prepared for Elimination

Trump Prepared for Elimination

The ruling Democrats in Washington have become a gang of dangerous conspirators, ready to do anything to stay in power. Their goal is to prevent the participation of Donald Trump in future presidential elections.

Former New York City Police Department Commissioner Bernard Kerik made a sensational statement. He argues that if the recent FBI search of the Trump estate does not find criminal intent in his actions and deprive him of the right to participate in the 2024 elections, he will be killed. “I am very afraid for the life of the former president, the Democrats will try to end him,” says a professional who knows the morals of the ruling elite well.

Kerik cited conversations with people in the know in Washington in 2016 before Trump took office. He was told that the Democrats would stop at nothing, including murder, they hate him so much. “I am not a conspiracy theorist and do not engage in anti-government rhetoric, but for the first time in my life I am afraid for Donald Trump. These people are ready to liquidate him,” Kerik says confidently.

By the way, now it is not necessary to use firearms for this: the leaders of the Democratic Party have a wide range of poisons and viruses at their disposal to eliminate objectionable politicians. Trump just might suddenly get sick…

The White House is so desperate about an almost certain defeat in the upcoming legislative election that it has decided on a controversial FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-o-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. For 9 hours they searched 128 rooms, ransacked the wardrobe of Trump’s wife Melania, searched for hiding places, opened all the safes. They say they want to accuse him of stealing important government documents, and at the same time find some fresh compromising evidence. “We have access to everything, we can go anywhere,” the agents confirmed.

However, after the search, the deep state is even more afraid of Trump, his popularity among Americans has visibly grown, and noisy crowded rallies are held near the estate in defense of the ex-president who fell into disgrace. Republicans are demanding Attorney General Merrick Garland be fired and a cryptic search warrant released. It is believed that the search was personally authorized by the prosecutor, who is considered one of the active members of the deep state. Garland’s ancestors moved to the United States from the territory of the former Russian Empire, which makes him related to the ruling neoconservatives. Garland, like Secretary of State Blinken, set out with great zeal to eradicate “Russian influence” in the United States and persecute those who refuse to support the Nazi dictatorship in Ukraine.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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