Feb 18, 2021
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Trump is not yet ready to talk about plans to run again for president

Former US President Donald Trump said that he could not yet say for sure whether he would participate in the next presidential elections, Newsmax TV reports.

“I wouldn’t speak yet, but we have tremendous support,” he said.

According to the Republican, now the number of his supporters exceeds the number before the presidential elections in 2020.

Earlier it was reported that Trump plans to resume his participation in the political life of the United States, in addition, he will again give interviews to media representatives.

It was noted that the politician is looking for ways to restore his power, as well as “preparing for the next stage of life” and intends to “take revenge on the Republicans who supported his impeachment.”

Recall that on January 20, Donald Trump, four hours before the inauguration of Joseph Biden, left the White House and headed to Florida with his wife Melania.

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